6 Privacy Features that you might need in WhatsApp

Do you have WhatsApp in your mobile, then you might like these features to have in your WhatsApp Application.

Here are the 6 privacy features that you might need in your WhatsApp. If your are a regular WhatsApp user then you may have thought, you may need some of the features in your application.

After owning the WhatsApp, Facebook has introduced more features in their new WhatsApp releases. Recently they have also released the end to end encryption feature which you can use in your WhatsApp if the same version was used by the destination user.



Likewise, we people are using WhatsApp for more than a year and every time we get irritated or at the time of some critical situation while contactin to your friends or relative, you might have thought of “Why cant WhatsApp have this feature ?”.

Here I am going to narrate some of the interesting privacy features which you might need in the future in WhatsApp.

Friend Request Feature:

Many times while you try to add your friend in your contact, you have to suffer a lot, because, you need to add them in to your phone inbuilt contact and then only you can add them in your WhatsApp contact. If your get this feature then you can simply send the invite to your friend and ask them to add as their contact.

I personally have also suffered to add the contact for my group which I am owning. If some one ask me to add their friends contact, then I may need to add that strangers number to my personal contact list and then only I can add them to my group.

Recall Messages Feature:

If you are using WhatsApp for more than 2 years, then you might have a very great long conversation with your friends and relatives, so sometimes you might think toread your old chat messages which you have sent your friends and relatives. So if this feature was enabled in your WhatsApp, then you can easily recall your WhatsApp messages.

Text Only Messages Feature:

There are almost billions of message and conversations are shared in the WhatsApp  and millions of images and videos have been shared daily in WhatsApp, so if you see this analytics, only text messages have been shared in plenty.

There are more persons, who are all using low bandwidth Internet connection, who couldn’t able to share images and videos. Those people are using only the text message to share between their friends, they might have thought that they need this text only messaging featuer to use in WhatsApp.

Busy Mode Feature:

At some point everybody in this world is busy, the person who uses WhatsApp is also busy. Most of the time while we attend some meetings or while we are with other friends and with our families we receive the messages from groups in WhatsApp which we feel annoying.

So if you have some feature like busy mode, you may not be contacted by your friends and you may not get disturbed by the group messages. Actually, this is a kind of feature I am waiting for, to have it in my WhatsApp

Invisible Mode Feature:

Do you like to get invisible ?, I do like to get invisible, but not in a real time, in WhatsApp, If WhatsApp goes invisible in your mobile, it cannot be breached or it cannot be penetrated by some of your friends or collegues in your office.

Most of the time, we leave our phone in your home or in your office, it becomes vulnerable by the person who all are around you. So if WhatsApp was invisible in your phone, then it will be easy for you to access, that will be known only by you and you get good privacy even when your phone gets stolen.

WhatsApp – Lock (inbuilt):

You can get this feature from a third party application, but if you have it as a inbuilt feature in WhatsApp, then it will be easy for you to lock your messages, so that nobody can steal your privacy.

Source: MSN

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