Android N or Android 7 was named as Android Nougat by Google

The new name for Android 7.0 is called as Android Nougat. Google released Android operating system a few years back, later on, almost 6 major versions of Android operating system was released by Google.

This year, on March 2016 they have introduced a new version of android called as Android 7 or Android N which was also called as Android Nougat. Google has also officially given the version number for Android Nougat as Android 7.0.



Google has released more new features in Android N when compared to the other releases. They have made more changes in the Android N Operating System like improvements in the battery backup, screen view, multitasking apps.

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In the developers platform Google also introduced the open JDK based Java environment and support for vulkan graphic API and seamless system updates.

Google has also released over 5 development preview versions of Android N and now it has named the latest Android  as Android Nougat. Nougat is nothing but a sweet, it was named like the other sweets that was named previous in all versions of Android.

Source: PCWorld

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