How to Download Android Apps manually to PC

Android has became a latest and most used mobile operating system in these days, the android market share also gets raised for each and every new android phones released in these days. Since there are more numbers of android users in the market they are also in need of the android applications which will be used in their daily activities and also used for many purposes.

Most of the apps what we are using in our Android Phone are created by the developers and they are uploaded to the Google Play Store, from there you can download the apps without any issue. Google Play Sotre also recommends you the necessary apps which are suitable for your android phone and the other apps cannot be installed in your android phone cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

So these apps can be downloaded only with the help of a valid Google User Account and also you need a Data Plan to download the apps. If you have WiFi then you dont need to worry about the data charges but what if you have only a limited data plan and you have limitations for using the data plan unlimitedly. Now i am going to tell you How to download Android apps manually to PC witht eh help of a software.

The Software used to download android apps manually to PC is Real APK Leecher. This Software is used for downloading the Android apps with the help of your Device ID and your Google account. You dont need to worry about giving your google account and your password, it will directly connect to your google account and helps to download android apps manually to PC.

In order to use this software you need JRE – Java Runtime Environment, you can download Java Software from eh Oracle Website. After Installing java you need to download Real APK Leecher (you can download from the below given link) and extract the software and run the Real APK Leecher.exe. now it will ask for the Google account username and the password, enter the credentials and it will also ask for the Device ID. To get the device ID from your Android device.

Version Details of Real APK Leecher :

9/25/2013: v1.3.6

  • Fix and remove update check at first run.
  • Add a sample config file. From now, you can use my sample config file to download apk files, no need to use your own account. Simple rename app-sample.config to app.config. Note that you need to change the save download path.

9/6/2012: v1.3.5

  • Fix downloading. Now any apps could be downloaded fine.
  • Download apps you purchased with your account is now available.
  • Add an option to ask the name you want to save the apk with.
  • Support Linux version (only for downloading, not scanning now)
  • Add FAQ

9/4/2012: v1.2.4

  • Remove “Pin this program to Taskbar” (due to crash often. Sorry for inconvenient).
  • Fix download apps with name contains “/”

8/4/2012: v1.2.3

  • remove carrier restriction (go Option to choose your SIM Operator Numberic).
  • Delete apk file.
  • Add “Pin this program to Taskbar” (more like winform application).

28/3/2012: v1.1.9

  • Remove country restrictions (go Option to choose your language/country)

25/3/2012: v1.1.8

  • Option to scan existing apk folder to compare its version with market version.
  • Rename apk file manually.
  • Rename all apk files automatically with file name format option.
  • Download apps with option to select file name format.
  • Copy link location on Google Play.
  • Search related apps.
  • Fix download app that contains “:”
  • Check update for new version.

Key features:

  • Download apk files from Google Play to desktop.
  • Check version of your apk local files.

How to Use :

This Application will ask you the Device ID, you can get your Device ID from your Android Phone by pressing  *#*#8255#*#*, It will open the  “GTalk Service Monitor” and there you can search for JID or the Device ID. The ID which was given with the string is “android-<your device id>”.

Device ID

[note]Note : Only Free Apps can be downloaded[/note]

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