Free Unlimited VPN – Opera VPN for Android Mobile

Mini Bytes: Opera has released the free unlimited VPN service which was coming for the Android mobile users as a separate android app. using this android app you can connect all of your applications in your mobile through the VPN service. This app was really helpful for you to secure your privacy over the open internet world.

Opera has an acquisition of SurfEasy VPN service last, later they introduced a VPN service for its Opera Web Browser for Windows, Linux and Mac and through the Opera MAX android app.

These app will allow you to browse the internet as if you were in the different countries like US, Singapore, Germany, Canada, Netherlands etc. Now Opera has launched this free unlimited VPN service as an android app which was available for download in Google Play Store.

This android app provides free VPN and Free Unlimited VPN service for your android mobile. This app will be supported for any versions of android. This app will allow you to browse all the web pages and connect all the applications in your mobile with the VPN connection that helps you to protect your privacy from the online open internet world.

This app also has a feature to block the ad trackers. Using this Free VPN Opera android app, you can bypass the content restriction by location and can use the websites and applications which you cannot use previously.

This means that, most of the applications like NetFlix, Hulu are blocked in the countries like India, with the help of Opera Free VPN, you can now use this application even if you are located in India. Opera also has plans to open new datacenter all around the world in many countries, so that they can provide faster VPN service for more people to protect their privacy.

One of the most interesting feature in Opera Free VPN app is there is no data limit, this means that you can use the free unlimited VPN service as much as you want. The app will never ask any username or password after the installation from Google Paly Store, it does it by itself and you just need to select “Connect” after that, app will handle all the necessary VPN settings automatically.

You can get the Opera Free Unlimited VPN Android App from Play Store. You can get the stable release of the Opera from here.

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