How to develop Android Apps without Coding using Open Source Software

Mini Bytes: MIT researchers have found an open source app called MIT App Inventor to create Android App without any coding. And it was absolutely free of cost. It works based on your Google Account and the Files will be stored in Google Cloud Storage.

MIT App Inventor has the recently developed an application which can create the Android App without any coding. Yes without any coding, you can develop the app and can become a Android developer.

Developing an Android app was a tough job, since it uses the most difficult programming in the world – Object Oriented Programming Java. Not all the developers can develop the  Android App, the one who knows the Object Oriented Programming can develop Android Apps.

Since Android became the most used mobile operating system around the world, more number of app downloads are happening from Google Play Store and from other website which host the android app downloads. Day by day the Android users are getting increased rather than decreasing.

MIT App Inventor was a Open Source Application:

Increase in the mobile usage increases the need for the Android app. But we are out of Android developers now, so to overcome this, google has took many steps by introducing online android learning platform recently. But in this academy google will support you to learn the coding.


MIT researchers have developed this opensource application which does not need coding skills to develop the Android App. Since the app runs on the web browser you can use the designing section to design you app with some GUI tools and can use the querying section that will automatically code for your concepts.

In order to use the app, you need to MIT App Inventor that requires a google account to login and create the Android App. Since MIT App Inventor was based on the Google account, your app will be fully stored on your cloud storage that can be retrieved at any time.

MIT researchers are creating great applications that are helpful to people. Make use of this app which was created by them and become a developer without programming skills.

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