How to Install Android Operating System in your IPhone – 6 Simple steps

If you got little bored mail using iPhone then you can jump into Android that is you can install Android operating system in your iPhone and its possible.So therefore this simple 6 steps to install Android operating system in iPhone.



For installing Android operating system in iPhone you need the following software’s.

  • Bootlace for Cydia
  • Kernel Patching
  • OpeniBoot
  • iDroid

These are the software’s which you need to download and keep in a separate folder, so that you can copy it into your iPhone later.

Step 1: Jailbraking your IPhone

As the first step you need to jailbreak the iPhone. For jailbreaking the iPhone, there are number of options available, such as an PwnageTool, Redsnow and Blackrain. You need to pick one of the jailbreaking options, and do the jailbreaking in your iPhone.

So the platform you choose works well, then you need to use the same platform to jailbreak your iPhone in the future too.

[note note_color=”#fbc5c3″ text_color=”#e7574d” radius=”1″]

Warning: You need to keep in mind that, before jailbreaking your iPhone try to understand everything about jailbreaking because in some countries jailbreaking was illegal. Also don’t jailbreak your iPhone 6 or any other new iPhone which you have bought a year before, because it will void your warranty of your iPhone.


Here I am not going to tell anything about the jailbreaking, because day by day the jail breaking techniques are changing and becoming a simple process for the latest version of iPhone.

Step 2: Install Bootlace in IPhone

As the second step you need to launch the Cydia from your home screen of your iPhone, after launching this application you need to go to the management options and then you need to select the sources to edit it.

Share you need to add the following repositories

After adding the repositories, you need to select the add source option, after that Cydia will do the rest of the things. After this operation gets completed you need to start a new repository and after that you need to install Bootlace.

Step 3: Install Patches using Bootlace

Now you need to leave Cydia after that launch your Bootlace application. If you couldn’t able to find Bootlace application, then restart your iPhone. After restarting your iPhone, it must be there in your home screen. After launching the Bootlace, leave it to download some patches to the kernel.

After the download gets completed, reboot your iPhone and wait for the changes to take place.

Step 4: Install OpeniBoot in IPhone

Now open the Bootlace application again and click the Openiboot button and install, it will download some patches and install into your iPhone.You need to be patience for a while because this process will take some time to complete it.

Step 5: Install iDroid in IPhone

After completing the above 4 steps, you could see, the openiboot on the Bootlace should be installed in your iPhone. Now you need to use the iDroid button to install the patches in it. After installing the iDroid, your phone will restart and make sure your phone has at least 50 percentage of battery life.

Step 6: Android Install Successfully in IPhone

As the last step, after rebooting your iPhone you can see Android was successfully installed in your iPhone. You need to open the Quick Boot which was residing inside the Barclays application, under you can see Android icon which will be holding down the Apple that will ask for a reboot to your Android.

After reboot you can see your Android operating system booting and you can use your Android operating system as usual you use in your Android mobiles.

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