List of Moto Devices to get Android N Update

Android N developer preview 2 was released and it was having more features when compared to the previous version of the Android version. Here we can see the list of Moto devices to get Android N Update from the Android M Marshmallow.

There are lot of features which was available in the Android N and some of them are given below

  • Quick Toggles
  • Reply from Notification Bar
  • Newly designed Notification bar
  • New graphics
  • Split Screen
  • Support for VR
  • Support for Vulkan Graphics
  • Improved Doze
  • Improved stability
  • Improved battery backup

You can take a look from here to see Top 10 Android N Features.

List of supported Moto devices for Android N:

  1. 2016 Moto G4 Plus
  2. 2016 Moto G4 Play
  3. 2016 Moto G4 (4th Gen)
  4. 2015 Moto X Pure Edition (3rd Gen)
  5. 2015 Moto X Style Edition
  6. 2015 Moto X Play
  7. 2015 Moto G3 (3rd Gen)
  8. 2015 Moto G3 Turbo Edition
  9. Nexus 6
  10. Droid Turbo 2
  11. Droid Maxx 2

These are some of the Moto devices that are believed to get the Android N Update. Since these Moto devices are officially confirmed to get Android N Update, we need to wait for the official Android N Update Moto Devices.

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