Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Review

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Review :

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is the new successor of the Samsung galaxy Grand mobile phone which was released a year back ago. Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is having more advance features than the Samsung Galaxy Grand and it was expected at the Q4 of 2013. The main advantage of the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is, it has 2 slots for double sims, yes it was a dual sim phone. It was having the 3G & 2G sim slots, ie you can use both the 3G & 2G sims in both the Slots. This option will give more advantage for more users since they can use 3G in one sim slot and 2G in another sim slot.


Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is also having 1.5 GB of Ram but Samsung Galaxy Grand has only 1 GB of Ram, compared with the old model this model will be bit fast since it has more amount of Ram. It was also having the internal memory of about 8GB and has microSD card slot which is capable of supporting about 64GB of memory size. The display is same as of the older phone ie it was having 1280 x 720 Pixels of resolution.

Another one advantege of Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is its 8MP Rear camera with auto focus & Led flash. It was also having a capabiliity of taking the HD videos at 1080p at 30 frames/sec. It comes with the Android OS, v4.3 Jelly Bean version, i dont know why samsung was not releasing this model with the Android Kitkat version, if this version was released with the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 it will give users more power to usability & customization. At last Samsung galaxy grand 2 is equipped with 2600mAh battery which gives you a minimum of full day backup power for full use.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Specification :

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