How to Stop Ongoing Downloads in Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Most of the users will have faced with this issue so here we can see how to stop ongoing downloads in Android 6.0.

If you are using Internet daily, you must have downloaded some software’s, some music or some documents from the Internet. In this case it may be a large file or it may be a small file, it depends on the uses and their needs.

So while you are trying to download in Android mobile phone you might have faced this issue. If you are downloading a large file from the Internet, then if you want to cancel the download, you cannot do it.

Google has not provided such functionality to stop and download by providing a better Download Manager from the initial version of Android operating system. If you want to overcome this problem and use a better download manager then goto Play Store and search for a better download manager.

Here we are going to see some work around to stop the ongoing downloads in Android

Force Stop Applications:

In Android 6.0 you can try to force stop the downloads application from your settings menu, but most of the time it will not work for you. If you are out of any other options, then you can use this option by force stopping the Download Application in your Android Application Settings.

Force Stop Memory (New Feature in Android M):

This is a new option which was available in Android 6.0. You can force stop the memory of any application that you have in your Android 6.0. So if you are angry with your freezed downloads and couldn’t able to do anything then you can force stop your download application memory in your Android application settings.



Clear Cache & Clear Data:

This work around will work for you if you want to stop the ongoing download in your Android mobile. It was supported for all the Android mobiles and it will also support for Android 6.0 Marshmallow.



You just need to go to the Android application settings and there you need to select and open the download app and just clear the cache and the data using the settings menu. Now you can see your download has been stopped and download cache cleared.

Here I have given you some of the work around to stop the ongoing downloads on the Android mobile phones. It may or may not work on other mobiles, so make use of this tutorial and please do comment below.

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