Top 10 Android N Features Overview

Android is the world famous mobile operating system which was used in millions of mobile phones in the market. Here we are going to see the top 10 Android N features which was released in the developer preview on Android.

Android Version History:

  • Android 1.6. Donut.
  • Android 2.1. Eclair.
  • Android 2.2. Froyo.
  • Android 2.3. Gingerbread.
  • Android 3.0. Honeycomb.
  • Android 4.0. Ice Cream Sandwich.
  • Android 4.1. Jelly Bean.
  • Android 4.4. KitKat.
  • Android 5.0. Lollipop.
  • Android 6.0. Marshmallow.
  • Android 7.0. —————

These are the Android version releases which was released from the beginning of the android release. At first Android was released only in small numbers and the usage was also smaller at the year 2010. But now Android has gained the market share of about 88% of all the mobile phones around the world.

And it was still making difference in the market by beating all the other mobile operating system. Now Android N developer preview was released which can be installed in the Nexus devices and also in other devices if you do some tweak. Lets see the top 10 android N features.

Update: Android N developer preview 2 was released and lot of new features were included in the latest new release.

Some of the new features include:

  • Smooth Graphics
  • Support for Vulkan API
  • API Fixes
  • Human emojis
  • Program shortcuts in launcher
  • Bug Fixes
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Multi Window Mode in Android N:

Multi windows mode has been confirmed in the Android N. This mode was already available in the older smartphones like Samsung Note series and it was still available int he Samsung Note series. After looking this, this feature has been enabled in the Android N as a feature.

Now the users of Android N can split screens into two and they can work on both the screens at the same time.  But the only thing is developers must enable this feature for the Android N separately and should mention the screen size of the Split screen.

They also need to enable the minimum and maximum size of the split screen because nowadays android mobiles are available int he market from small size to big one like the android TV. Google also warns, this multi window feature will not work for all the apps.

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Freeform windows in Android N:

This feature was available only for the Tablets and it will not be available right now. It will take at least 6 months to arrive. To the surprise we cant confirm that this feature may also be available for the mobiles with certain display size.

Moreover if you need this feature in Android N, you should have good memory. In the developer preview 2, Google has introduced the support for the Vulkan graphical support. This tells that there will be more graphical improvements for the Android N and you need to wait to use all those Android N features.

Using this Android N feature, you can easily drag the app windows and place it over other places. This was like moving the windows like you do in the Windows and Mac. We nee to wait for 6 months to use this feature.

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Notifications in Android N:

In android 6.0 Marshmallow, notifications will take two steps to fully view the swiped window. It was easily to manage the notifications and toggle icons but not all the time. But now google has taken all the advantages over the display size of the notification windows.

Google had done better tweaks to display the notification drawer while swiping the notification drawer. Now we an swipe simple time to display the icons and notifications. The icons in the notification windows was made smaller so that it has much more space to see and use the icons and also the notifications.


android n notifications

This was mainly done because, Google has introduced to reply for the notifications straight from your notifications itself. So this feature must be enabled to give space to this new feature. This allows you to reply for your SMS, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp from the notifications.

You can also see a thin strip in the notification drawer where you can see your recently used toggles. Recently Whatsapp has introduced a new feature to reply from your notifications feature. You need to update your Whatsapp you the latest version to use it.

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Settings Menu in Android N:

Settings menu in Android N was completely changed with new look and feel. Now settings menu has information which was displayed in the Main Page like “displaying the connected WiFi in your phone”. It also has the hamburger menu from that you can slide out for main settings to which you can easily navigate through.



You also have drop down menus in the settings menu to easily see the details or information about your particular settings which you have selected. Android N also has the suggestions menu, which will be locked at the top. This menu will contain the import settings which you have not configured in your mobile phone.

This feature is highly useful because, most of the android users are not configuring their mobile phone to be secure, if this suggestions were displayed in the Settings menu, then android users will at least try to configure those settings in their Android N phone. This will increase the privacy and security of Android Phone.

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Daydream in Android N:

As Google announced in the Google I/O 2016 conference Android N is ready for the virtual reality. But google has keep a check point in this technology, not all the phone which was having Android N will support this feature. Only the following phone will support this feature.

  • Nexux 6P,
  • Samsung,
  • HTC,
  • LG,
  • Xiaomi,
  • Huawei,
  • ZTE,
  • ASUS,
  • Alcatel

Ubisoft, Electronic Arts and Netflix are also working on this feature to bring it into their Android App. Google was also working on YouTube to bring this feature to their YouTube App.

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Keyboard Themes and Emoji in Android N:

A long waited emoji feature has been improved in the Android N. Google has introduced the Unicode 9.0 emoji and has made many of the emoji to be humanized. Through this emoji’s will look differently when compared to the old version of the Android.



The Keyboard themes has been introduced in the latest version of the Android N. As a new feature, now you can keep your Google Keyboard to your favorite color according to your needs. But you can only change between the 12 default colors in the Google Keyboard. You can also place your picture in your keyboard.

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Recent apps and multitasking in Android N:

Recent apps in the Android N has been revamped better. Now you can use your recent apps more easily when compared to the older version. Google has given only 7 apps to be viewed in the recent apps  and there was also a Clear All button in the Recent apps windows to clear all the recently opened apps.



You can also use the recent app button to switch between the apps which you have opened previously and currently open app. These features made the Android to perform well in the developer preview 2. After the release of the Android N in the market, these features will perform better after clearing the bugs fixes.

In the previous version android, multitasking was better, but after introducing the Android N, Google has concentrated more in the multitasking feature by enhancing the recent apps.

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Multi-Locale in Android N:

Multi Locale is a new Android N feature which was introduced in the Android 7.0. Now the android users can change their locale according to their needs and the OS also will switch between the locale when needed.

This feature will not affect more users, but it will be useful for the travelers who are traveling between the countries. But before changing the locale , they need to know the language which they have in their mobile.

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Performance in Android N:

Android was considered as one of the power drinking and low performance graded mobile phone for long days. But while we analyze the last few releases, you can see google was keenly considering the performance issues that android is facing and google was trying to improve the performance grade on Android N.

In the latest release of Android N, you can see more performance improvements. The newly introduced JIT compiler for the application will save more power when compared to the other version of android. So this will give you better battery life.

This new feature will also install your apps even more faster then the old one. This also makes your app to be small thus saving your storage space and even your internet bandwidth while you download the apps from the Google Play.

The new Vulkan API which we are now using in our PC was given support int he Android N as a new feature, so the graphics performance will be so good.

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Doze Mode in Android N:

Doze mode which was introduced in the Android 6.0 marshmallow will be also be available in the Android N but it will be available as a enhanced version. Now Doze mode in Android N will start to work in 2 tier system. This means, now if you have your phone in your pocket, or if you are not using your phone, then it will go into deep hibernate mode.

This saves your battery life, giving your longer battery span. This mode works even better now by deferring your Network, Applications activity etc. but as usual your call and sms will work.

Source : AndroidAuthority

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