Your deleted WhatsApp messages are “not permanently deleted”

Mini Bytes: Your WhatsApp messages are stored in WhatsApp server without encryption. It can be retrieved by our Government

WhatsApp is the most used communication application across the globe. It was the most popular cross platform messaging app which supports Android, iPhone, Blackberry etc.

WhatsApp was used by more than billion people in the developing Nations like Brazil, China and also in India. They almost trust WhatsApp privacy because of the recent feature in the application by releasing the end to end encryption.

But like breaking all the trust on WhatsApp messaging application, a security researcher have found the messages which you are deleting in the WhatsApp was not fully getting deleted.

It was stored in the server and it can be retrieved successful without any special software. This was confirmed by the researcher and he has also escalated this issue to the WhatsApp. But Facebook owned WhatsApp didn’t respond to the researcher’s findings.

This confirms that, Facebook and WhatsApp are more interested in our personal privacy data.

There is such a status that the WhatsApp software retains and stores all the traces of chat logs, even if it gets deleted locally your phone. The researcher also said that it was creating a potential issue for the users, since this logs can be accessible to any of the hacker if they have a chance to get device physically.

Researcher said that, the reason for this issue is a SQLite library, which was used for coding the app and it can be recoverable through the forensic tools of any of the hacker gets the device physically.

We all know that WhatsApp was having latest future called end to end encryption which was released this year.

But this end to end encryption technology in WhatsApp was applicable only for the network transactions i.e. it was applicable for the ISP’s and also by avoiding the hackers to get access to your chat logs over the Internet network.

The Chat logs will be saved in the WhatsApp server without any encryption and if anybody needs the WhatsApp chat information on the messages then they can easily get those logs from the Whatsapp service by simply producing the court orders, even if the conversations were deleted by you in your WhatsApp App locally.

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