Recover deleted Messages on Whatsapp


Most of you are using whatsapp nowadays since it has become one of the most popular messenger of all time. But most are serious about using the whatsapp, because it may have sensitive information about you or most important information which you need. What will you do when your phone…

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Top 15 Android M Features


Android M is the latest android operating system, which was released by google a week ago. Between these there are more features which was introduced in the Android M or Android 6.0. In those let us see some of the features which was available in the android marshmallow. 1) App…

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LG G4 Review with Specifications

Here is the LG G4 Review where you can find the details about the LG G4 Mobile phone. This almost a new era of phone since LG G4  has the high end specifications. The LG G4 comes with all of the necessary specifications which should be present in a high end smartphone. But…

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