C# WPF – Convert string to Datetime Format

MiniBytes: In this article we are going to see, how to create a convertĀ  string to Datetime Format in C#. This tutorial will be helpful for you to create a Datetime formats from string which you can use in your C# Form application or WPF application. What i am narrating here is the code which was taken from the live projects which i am currently working on.

In this tutorial we are going to see how to convert the string to Datatime formatted variable. Here instead of using the simple string, i am going to use the string which was fetched from the DataRowView from a DataGrid.

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Here is the code which was used to fetch the data from the DataRowView from a DataGrid.

Code for DataRowView:

In this code, we are getting a selected item from the datagrid and assigning it to a string variable.

Now using the Convert.ToDateTime() function, we are going to convert the normal string into the DataTime format using he below code.

So the txtBox1.Text will get the DataTime formatted string, which you can use to display your “form application” or “wpf application”.

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