Java Code for RFID Reader – Motorola FX 7500 Reader

Hi friends, here I have given you a RFID base code, which you can you use to configure your RFID device to use it as a attendance controller or login device in your office. So in this code, I have not made any modifications and it was directly taken from the Motorola website which is developed by the Motorola developers.



This code was not developed by me and you can trust this code to configure your Motorola FX 7500 devices. You can use this code to connect to the Motorola FX 7500 RFID reader and you can send the signals to retrieve the signals from the Motorola FX 7500 reader and you can use it over a Java application and access the RF ID details using this code.

I am developing a software using this code, which was used for attendance controller, so what I have done is I’m using the postgres SQL as a database and whenever the RFID tag was read by the Reader, it will automatically save the tag details into the  postgresql database.

A simple thing you have to do is to configure JDBC drive for Postgresql database with this Java code. When you configure your jdbc driver into this code, make sure you have used the correct Syntax to write the database values into the PostgreSQL.

You need to use the NetBeans software to configure this application, because it only support 32 bit operating system and NetBeans software.

You can use the RFID tags for variety of purpose like you can count the assets, you can use it for the billing purpose, you can use it for attendance, you can use it for inventory, you can also use it for reading the objects in your shop and more.


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