PHP – Yii2 Gridview Footer – Sum of Column value

Here is some of the sample code to get the sum of the column values in the footer in the gridview. It was 100% working in the gridview in Yii2 and not tried in the Yii and hope it works in that too. All you need to change is the values

 'label' => 'cost',
 'attribute' => 'cost',
 'value' => function ($model, $key, $index, $widget) {
 return $model->cost;
 'footer' => $cost,

The above code should be added in the gridview with footer enabled.

'showFooter' =>true,

Here cost the value which need to be totaled, so you need to change according to your needs. You also need to add the below code in the view page.

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$cost = 0;
if (!empty($dataProvider->getModels())) {
 foreach ($dataProvider->getModels() as $key => $val) {
     $cost += $val->cost;

Use this code and calculate sum of values in the footer in the Yii2 Gridview.

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