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Batterycare is a laptop battery optimizing software used to monitor your laptop batteries. it monitors the usage, Performance, battery discharge cycles etc and report it to us. Batterycare helps in improving the battery life cycle. It provides us a detailed report including the CPU performance, Disk Temperature, Demand Services etc. It was also having a reliable statistical battery time calculation method for giving enough battery information.


Batterycare was also available in the portable version so that you can save your system space by installing it in your PC. Since it was available in the portable version you can have it in your flash drive and you can check the performance of many laptops.

New in BatteryCare 0.9.15 :

  1. CPU & Hard Disk name was displayed
  2. Temperature details will be popped out when the mouse hovers over it.
  3. Improved CPU Temperature Reading
  4. Detects variety of CPU Models from different manufactures
  5. Bug Fixes

Download BatteryCare 0.9.15

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Download BatteryCare 0.9.15 Portable

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