Boost 4G LTE Signal in your home

Mini Bytes: In this article I am going to tell you about how to boost 4G LTE signal in your home without any cost involved. In this article I will explain you some DIY that you can do in your home and boost 4G LTE signal without any cost involved.

4G LTE has become one of the most popular network because of the advertisement which we are seeing in the News and Television channels. But as expected we are having 4G LTE network around your place but the truth is, we are having a service network of our choice but the 4G LTE was given by another service which we are not having.

Because of this people in India are buying the 4G SIM card from the service provider and using it for 1 or 2 moths till they have the offer. After that they are throwing that SIM to the garbage.

boost 4g lte signal


It was regularly happening in my village. I can proudly say that in Pondicherry we are getting only Reliance 4G and Idea 4G in the rural areas, but in urban areas Idea 4G was not yet provided. I have tried to scanning the network signal in my home terrace Idea 4G and Reliance 4G was good but no other service provider has started 4G here.

So I still doubt, why service providers selling their 4G SIM card without any Network.

I already told you, I searched for 4G signal in my home terrace. Yes I did, after Reliance successfully started the Reliance Jio 4G network, I can get 4G LTE even in my bedroom. My home was situated in a remote location covering a distance of 3KM from the reliance tower. Still I can get 80% of 4G LTE signal, that’s amazing..:-)

But my friends are using other 4G network (Idea 4G), every time while they are trying to connect to 4G LTE network, they need to go to the terrace and browse for a little time in laptop and they get down. Doing repeatedly like this was making us irritated and so we thought of making some alternative.

So, How to Boost 4G LTE Signal:

To boost 4G LTE signal, you do the following things that will give you amazing experience while using 4G LTE.

Make sure your windows are wide open:

I you are using your 4G LTE network inside your home, then make sure your windows are wide open at the time of browsing. Because a well ventilated room gets better signal, its because the 4G LTE frequencies will travel without any blockade.

Fix your Data device is near window to boost 4G LTE signal:

If you fix our data card near the windows, then you can get better signal. Nowadays you can get a 4G LTE supported data card, that also supports upto 5 Wifi users. You can use this kind of data cards which was having a SIM slot that supports multi SIM network.

Use Dish Antenna to receiver to boost 4G LTE Signal:

If you are having any TV antenna receiver which comes with the dish antenna provided, then you can place your data card at the middle of the dish antenna.

Then turn your antenna towards the location of the 4G LTE network tower. The dish antenna was designed to receive maximum frequency, so you can get stable and better signal.

You can also make your own antenna, that can stabilize your signal strength and give more control over your network signal.  Below is a video that tells you now to make a antenna receiver that can boost 4G LTE signal strength.

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