Boost Startup Performance in Windows 8.1

Boost startup performance in Windows 8.1 with the help of the inbuilt Task manager. Windows 8.1 is already having lots and lots of features added other than the Windows 8. So If we need ti boost the performance of the Windows 8.1 OS then we need to do some tweaks to the OS. One of the tweaks is to boost the startup performance.

Windows 8 StartUp

Already Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 is having the fast boot time, so still if we want to increase the boot up time then we need to go for some software to tweak the StartUp. But the inbuilt tool which was available in the Windows 8.1 OS is enough to do the tweak. At first you need to open the Task Manager, you can open it by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Del and the task manager appears int he list.

The other option is right click on the menu bar the task manager will appear on the list, click it to open and go to the Startup settings. There you can see many programs which will be enable at the start up, just click the program which you wan tot disable and select disable button at the bottom corner. you are all done, now reboot the computer.

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