How to Configure, Monitor or Manage a Cisco Router or Switch using PuTTY

If you are using Windows XP operating system then, it will be easy for you to connect your Cisco router or switch to your PC and configure it with the help of the HyperTerminal which comes as an inbuilt tool..

In the latest version of Windows operating system HyperTerminal was no longer included, because of this you need to go for another alternative which was already famous to connect the Telnet, ssh and com port easily. The tool was called as PuTTY.

Putty was a good alternative as a terminal emulator software, which was used in the Windows XP operating system. Now let’s see, how to connect, configure and monitor Cisco router or a switch using putty.

To connect your Cisco router or a switch with your PC, you need a console cable which comes with the package when you buy a Cisco router or a switch. Make sure you have a correct console cable, that would be connected with your Cisco router or switch.

  • Now connect the rj45 Jack with the Cisco routers console port and connect the other end of the cable to your serial port of your computer.
  • Now download PuTTY from the following link and place it in your computer. Download PuTTY.


  • Now open the PuTTY software and go to connection option.
  • There you can see an option called serial.


  • After opening the serial option, you can see a series of configuration settings that you need to configure for connecting your router with your PC

• Bits per sec: 9600

• Data bits: 8

• Parity: none

• Stop bits: 1

• Flow control: none

  • Enter the above configuration settings has given Above and then go to the Session Option.
  • Here select the connection type as Serial and make sure speed is 9600.
  • Click open to connect to Cisco router or switch.

Make use of the above tutorial and Connect, Configure or Manage your Cisco router or switch with the help of the putty.

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