How to convert your Videos into Art using Artisto

Mini Bytes: Do you want to convert your videos in to artistic video, then you need to use an app called as Artisto. It can be installed both in Android and iOS mobiles.

Artisto is an Android, iOS app that was used to convert your videos into artistic videos. Like Prisma which converts your photos in to art, Artisto will convert your videos into art.



Prisma has not introduced this feature in its app, but Artisto is an mobile that was created by the team of developers. Artisto belongs to Russia and it was owned by company. Anna Artamonova was the VP of that company and he has told that their team took merely 8 days to create the app.

One of the disadvantages in using Artisto was like Prisma, Artisto was having less number of filters fro converting the videos. Prisma will take about two minutes to convert the photos in to art, likewise Artisto was also taking much time to convert the videos.

Since they are having less number of filters for video conversion, Artisto VP has told that they are working on the filters and ensured that in the nest release they will release more number of filters.

Artisto was available in the more number of countries, but it was not available in India now. We need to wait for the release, but before that you can download the Artisto app for your Android or iOS mobile phone using the Google Search engine.

Seeing this Prisma has told in their blog that, they are working on some of the new features for their app and in their next release they will release more number of filters and video conversion feature will also be added with it.

SInce Prisma became the No. 1 app in converting the photos into art that has over 1 million downloads in the Google Play Store, users are eagerly waiting for the next release with more number of filters and features.

After its release, its going to be a rivals for both Artisto & Prisma in photo and video art conversion.

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