Disable Bing search in Windows 8.1

To Disable Bing Search in Windows 8.1 you only need to do simple settings change. At first in windows 8.1 whenever you start to search using a keyword or while searching files or settings in you windows 8.1 machine, it will redirect you into the bing search engine and there you can find your search results. For some of them it will be uneasy to search for files so you can disable the bing search in windows 8.1 by disabling it.

Follow the steps which are given down and change the settings as per given below. now Click on the Start Button and go to the search and type “Search Settings” and it will show you the search settings in the result, now click the search settings and go to the search settings option window.


Here you can see the Bing search options, just click the button and make it disable, now it is done.


If you want to enable the bing search, then go to the same settings menu and enable the Bing Search.

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