How to disable Write Protection in your Pen Drive or SD Card

Mini Bytes: if your pendrive was write protected (Read Only mode) then you can use this tutorial to disable the write protection in your SD card or pendrive

 you could have come across this issue in your SD card or pendrive because if you are pen drive was affected with any kind of virus then it may go by production that is it can’t copy or write anything into your SD card or pendrive.



This is a simple issue and you can clear this with the help of some of the tutorials which you can do in your PC. Just follow the steps below to clear your write protected in SD Card or pendrive.

Clear with the help of Antivirus:

If you feel that your SD card was affected with virus, then you can use the antivirus software to clear the virus. Most of the time your pendrive or SD card goes into write protection mode because of virus that was copied from system that was affected with virus.

You also need to use the good antivirus software, because not all the antivirus software are clearing all the virus nowadays. Some are doing well and some are not. You can use this VirusTotal to check for the software that detects and clears the virus.

You just need to upload the infected file in the website and scan the file. It will give you the result.

Disable the Lock:

You may also need to check the write protection lock in your SD Card reader. If it was enabled, disable it. Most of the pendrive are also having this feature. You need to check twice before formatting your device. Because formatting will also be disabled in most of the devices, if this lock was enabled.

Format your SD Card or Pendrive:

Since your SD card or pendrive was affected with virus, sometimes you can’t able to scan the device, so at that time you have no other option rather than formatting the device.

Its the simple step to format your device to clear any issues which occurs in your pen drive or SD card. Make sure you took a backup of the data in your SD Card before formatting your device.

Use the CMD (Command Prompt) to clear the write protection:

Another step is using a inbuilt tool, which was available in the windows. This tool can be accessed using the command prompt. You need to use a utility called diskpart tool, and this tool was available as a builtin tool in Windows. You need to follow the below steps to clear your right protected SD card or pendrive.

Connect the write protected SD Card in to your Computer (Make sure you have Windows OS)

  • Now Open the Command Prompt with elevated privileges. To do this Goto Start and Search for “cmd” and then right click on the “cmd” in the search results and click “Run as Administrator
  • In the command prompt enter the command “diskpart” and hit Enter.
  • Now type “list disk” and press Enter.
  • Now you can see all the storage disk which was connected to your computer.
  • Now type “select disk <number of your disk>“. Eg. select disk 1. You can see the number in the listed storage volumes.
  • Now type “attributes disk clear readonly “and then press Enter.
  • Now type exit and press Enter to exit.

Now your SD Card or Pendrive will be cleared from the write protection mode. You can use any one of the above tutorial and enjoy. Please do comment.

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