Fix Errors in hreflang tags in Google Webmaster – How to

Mini Bytes: Google Webmaster is a good web utility which can be used to improve your website performance. Here we can learn about how to fix Errors in hreflang tags. This error was created due to missing of supported language tags like ‘en-us’ return tags.

“hreflang” tags are used in the website to use your web pages in different languages in different countries. For e.g. If you are using a website with different languages that was able to show different languages in different countries, then there the hreflang tag was used.

If you use the Google Webmaster then it will show the error in hreflang tags if you didn’t configure it properly. So the below tutorial will show you how to configure hreflang tag properly that will be supported for Google Webmaster.



To know the detailed troubleshooting about the hreflang tag the you can check out the official googleblog.

How to properly use hreflang tag:

These tags would be used properly in your website, if not properly used in your website, then your SEO will affect.

  1. Do not use wrong county code or Language codes.
  2. Combine the page tagging and hreflang together
  3. Fix the duplicate content issues.
  4. Use hreflang and canonical tags together.
  5. User absolute URL’s for hreflang.

Always use the hreflang tag in a proper way. For example i have given you a sample code from which you can understand the syntax for using hreflang.

Correct hreflang tag:

<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="en-in" />

The above code is targeted for the English language in India, If you want to change the language and the country code then you need to select the proper code for hreflang tag.

Wrong hreflang tag:

<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="hi-is" />

Above code will not be suitable because, i have use the Hindi language for Iceland country. You should not use the code like this. It will throw error when the specific user opens the page in Iceland country.

Fix Errors in hreflang tags:

In Google Webmaster tool, if you repeatedly seen the below error, then you need to add the hreflang tag in your website. Use the above code which i have mentioned was correct hreflang in your website.

Error : ‘en-us’ – no return tags

Make sure the tag was visible in all the web pages you have, if not then it will show error in webmaster.

After inserting the tag in all your web pages, you can use the Google Webmaster Fetch as Google to check the headers in your website.

I you want generate correct hreflang tag with proper country and language code then you can use the hreglang generator tool like this one.

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