How to get Reliance Jio SIM for Free with Unlimited Data & Voice for 3 Months

Do you want a Reliance Jio SIM for Free with Unlimited Data & Voice for 3 Months. Just follow the steps below

Most of you are aware of Reliance JIO Network, which was used for providing 4G network offered by Reliance in all states in India. Reliance has partnered with JIO, a foreign company to provide for 4G network under the low frequency so that you can get the signal even in your indoor place.

This is a new technology which Reliance has paid about 5000 crores to Indian Government to get the low frequency. For the past 3 months Reliance was making major changes in their networks, so that all the users in India can get the benefits of 4G network in all the corners of India.



Due to this migration process, there are more network outages happening for the current customers all over India.

This is a major migration process in the mobile network in India, that no other company has ever made. This change in the network was creating threat to their service for other service providers, because this will change the whole infrastructure in India of how users are using the mobile networks with low cost.

Here I am going to tell you how to get your Reliance JIO sim card for free (or paid depending on the circle) so you can also get unlimited data and voice for 3 months that is absolutely free.

This is a simple trick to get this offer from the Reliance showroom, the saddest part is this trick was only available for selected mobile devices like Samsung, HTC and Lenovo.

You can also try this trick in your mobile phone so if it works, you can enjoy the unlimited data on the voice which was provided in the Reliance JIO network.

Steps to get the Reliance Geo sim for free with unlimited data on voice. Please follow the steps.

  • Go to Google Play Store and download My JIO apps for free.
  • After downloading, install the My JIO app in your mobile phone. It will take around 10 minutes that depends on your network.
  • After installing My JIO app, do not open the app or if you have opened close the app.
  • Now disconnect your Internet even if it was connected with the WiFi.
  • After disconnecting open your My JIO app and click open on the right side of MYJIO option.
  • Now you can see a window that was asking you to get My JIO sim card.
  • Now is the right time to turn your Internet ON using your WiFi on your data pack.
  • Now fill all the required fields.
  • After filling the required fields in the form it will show a barcode, save them.
  • Now go to the nearest Reliance JIO showroom and show them the barcode and get the JIO SIM for free and enjoy

This trick may or may not work in some of your mobile devices, so don’t lose your confidence and try this trick and enjoy the Reliance JIO unlimited data and voice for 3 months. There are limited JIO showrooms which was available to the customers only in some parts of India. So make sure you have a JIO showroom nearby, so you can get the SIM card for free.

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