How to Control 4G LTE Data Usage in Android Mobile

Mini Bytes: If you are using your Android mobile with 4G Internet pack, then you might face this problem of unwanted data usage in your Android mobile. To control the usage of 4G LTE data in Android mobile, I have given you some tips that might be useful for you to save data pack.

4G became one of the most wanted Internet data usage for Android mobiles. If you are using Android mobile, then you already know that, it will consume more data pack in the background, for almost all the applications which you have installed in your Android mobile.

Having more applications in your Android mobile will consume more Internet, that will cost you more in your month and bill. So in order to control the background data, you need to control the Internet access, which you have in your Android mobile.

How to Restrict Background Data:



To control the 4G LTE Internet access for your Android applications, you can do the background restriction which comes as a preloaded settings in Android. In Android 6.0 Marshmallow you can see this option in

Settings -> Data Usage -> Restrict background data (located in the right side menu)

You can use this option to restrict all the background data in your Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and if you want to re enable the background data, you can just simply go to the same settings and you can enable the option which will be shown as a “Allow background data”

How to Restrict Background Data for Android Apps:

In order to restrict the background data for Android apps you just need to go to the following location

Settings -> Apps -> Select the app which you need to restrict the background data -> Select “Data Usage” -> Enable “Restrict app background data”

By using this option, you can control the 4G LTE Internet access of the Android application. You can restrict app background data for all the android applications which you need to have control over 4G LTE Internet.

Restrict background data using Opera Max:



Opera Max is an Android application, that was used to connect Free VPN network for your Android mobile. Using Opera Max you can browse the Internet by conserving bandwidth, this bandwidth savings was done by the Opera servers that was located in different country.

Using Opera Max you can do the following things in your Android mobile

  • Restrict all background data.
  • Restrict apps data access individually
  • More control over Mobile Data Pack & Wifi Connection
  • Connects VPN and makes you to browse securely
  • Save internet bandwidth by compressing YouTube videos & web images.

Using these features in Opera Max, you can save your 4G LTE internet data pack.

Using your Corporate VPN Network:



Most of the corporate vpn will have a secure network that will allow you to browse selected websites and network locations. If you are using your phone with restricted VPN network, then your 4G LTE data that will be saved because of the restricted network which you are connected with.

Using Ad Blocker in Android Mobile:

If you are using ad blocker in your Android mobile, well then it will save you about 200 MB of data while browsing in Android browser such as chrome browser. This much amount of data can be saved because most of the ads displayed in the browser will be off images and flash ads.

This type of us will consume more bandwidth while downloaded to your browser and it will also do a background data transfer by analyzing your way of browsing in your browser.

Ad blocker was available as a separate android application, that will be more effective when your android phone was rooted.

Use the above options and control 4G LTE Data Usage in Android Mobile.

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