How to Convert PDF to Word without any Software

Do you want to know how to convert PDF to word without any software ?

then you are in a right place, converting a PDF to word without any software is a simple task and for this purpose you need to use the online websites.

Nowadays more online websites are available to do these kind of functions. You just simply need to know which websites will do these kind of functions without any flaws.

More websites are doing these functions as a clean process by uploading your PDF file and converting it and sending them to your mail or giving you the download link. After these process, the cache files are deleted, but some of the websites keep themselves.

Can we convert PDF document to Word ?

Yes, we can convert PDF to word documents.

Can we convert PDF to any other formats like JPG, TIFF, PNG, PowerPoint, Excel ?

Yes, we can convert to other formats too.

Do we need to pay for the conversion ?

No, Some of the online services are providing these functions as free service, so we don’t need to pay. But you may need to pay if you need to convert it in a bulk for your business requirements. Its free for commercial purpose.

Can we more convert PDF to word document at same time ?

Yes, we can convert them at same time, but some websites have restrictions like, can can only upload a minimum number of documents at a time to manage the processing queue.

If you are going to convert PDF to word, which may be a sensitive document, then just know what the website do with your uploaded document.

Some of the websites have posted these kind of information in their home page itself.

Ahead of these steps to convert PDF to word, some convert PDF to excel, convert PDF to image etc…

So we can see some review about websites that convert PDF to word and many more.

This is one of the most popularly used online PDF converter. Using pdfonline you can convert PDF files without any software. But you need a valid internet connection to to do so.

convert pdf to word1

convert pdf to word1

Features in

Using this converter, you can convert the PDF files to word in a effective way. It is simple to use this feature in You just need to upload the PDF file which you need to convert. After uploading it will show you options to download the word file.

This website also gives us options to convert word to PDF without using the software. This website also gives us options to convert the PDF to word in your android mobile, which gives us more advance feature to do it on the go using your android mobile.

The android app for converting PDF files and iPhone  app for converting PDF was available in iTunes and google play store. You can download the app for free and enjoy the PDF file conversion for free.

This is one of the free PDF to word conversion website which was giving us easy and simple user experience. It also gives us more options to convert other files like excel, PowerPoint etc.

convert pdf to word2

convert pdf to word2

Using the website you can convert PDF to word, convert PDF to excel, convert PDF to PowerPoint, convert word to PowerPoint, convert excel to word, convert excel to PowerPoint and many more options are available.

You need a valid internet connection to do this functions, since these the conversion can only be done in the online websites.

Feature in

  • Word, excel, PowerPoint and PDF file conversion and vice versa.
  • Desktop application
  • Enterprise application
  • Gives us option to Create, merge, edit, sign, review and protect your PDF files

Nitro PDF is an application which was available in the internet as trial version for 14 days. After that you can convert the Nitro PDF desktop application as the business or enterprise application through which you can create, edit and sign the PDF files.

There are lot more options which was available in the Nitro PDF software, so you can use this software for your business requirement.

Ahead of one step, they are also giving you a online conversion option to convert your word, PDF, excel and PowerPoint file to word, excel, PowerPoint or PDF formats. But you need to create a account login to use this feature

As the name says, it is one of the free PDF converter, using this website you can convert the PDF, word, excel files to the PDF, word or excel files.

Using freepdfconvert you can convert PDF to word, convert PDF to excel and much more can be down. You need a valid internet connection to do these functions.

Some of the features in

  • Unlimited conversions per month
  • 256-bit SSL Encryption
  • No delay between conversions
  • No queue
  • Convert almost any kind of file into PDF
  • Convert whole PDF document
  • Use on any computer anywhere without limitation
  • Priority support

Compared to the other website service was providing a membership offer with the above features. This gives you the beneficial like you can do the online conversion without waiting in the queue and many more features are available.

The membership service starts from $9 to $99 from 1 month from lifetime membership services.

The files which can be converted using the are as follows

  • PDF
  • pdfarchive
  • png image
  • jpg image
  • tiff image

these files can be converted online and gives you option for download and also to delete the files from their cache.

freepdfconvert also allows us to save the file to the Google Docs, i.e. we can save the files to the Google drive directly. has lot of features when compared to all other website which we are reviewing the website we have found the following features in it

convert pdf to word

convert pdf to word

  • Convert PDF to doc
  • convert PDF to docx
  • convert PDF to text
  • convert PDF to image
  • convert PDF to png
  • convert XPS to PDF
  • PDF compressor
  • Combine PDF
  • Any document to PDF converter
  • JPG to PDF

One of the most advance feature in is you can select multiple files to upload and convert them at the same time. After the conversion you can download all the files at the same time.

We can easily use these online features in the to do one of the above mentioned features.

Convert PDF to Word using Android APK

One of the best feature which i would like to discuss here is the PDF to Word Android App which is used to convert the PDF to word file. This app works in the online mode only, so you need a separate internet connection to make it work.

This app was completely free to use and you can download it from the Google Play Store for free.

Since nothing big files are going to be converted using the Android Phone, you can use this app for small document conversions on the go.

This app actually recognizes 95% of the text from the PDF files and after the conversion you can directly download the files to your mobile internal memory or your SD Card. Thus making it easy to use. Mostly these kind of PDF to word converter android app will be useful for the office work.

So i have mentioned some of the reviews about how to convert PDF to word without any software, i have given you some of the website links you can use to convert the PDF documents. Make use of it well for your office use.

Please comment below if you have some doubts and you can also give your comments or suggestions about the review which i made. Thanks in advance.

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