How to download YouTube video Online in PC and Mobile

Are you a YouTube fan ? Then you are in a right place :-) 

Here we can see how to download YouTube video online in PC and mobile. Nowadays YouTube has become one of the most popular video sharing and streaming social network in the world.

#1 What is YouTube ?

A biggest social network in the world, used for sharing social videos. We can also stream the videos in the our mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet, if we have a valid internet connection.

#2 Can you download YouTube Videos to your PC or Mobile ?

Ye, we can download the YouTube videos to PC or Mobile with a valid internet connection.

#3 Do you need Software to download YouTube Videos ?

No, we don’t need software to download YouTube videos to your pc or mobile. But there are certain software applications which are available in the internet for free, that can be used to download YouTube videos. Those free software to download YouTube videos has certain limitations.

E.g. Those software will work only on the desktop/PC, it wont work on the mobile platforms.

#4 Do i need to pay to download YouTube Videos ?

No, you don’t need to pay a penny to download videos from YouTube.

#5 Is there any difficult steps involved in downloading YouTube Videos ?

No, downloading YouTube videos online is a simple task like copying the link and pasting it in another place. You may need to select the display size and the video format of the video  which you are requesting for donload.

Let’s see how to download YouTube Videos.

YouTube videos cannot be downloaded from the YouTube website, it involves small steps, like i have mentioned above. We need a valid internet connection and a pc or mobile, it can also be downloaded in tablets too.

This is a simple website from which we can download the YouTube videos. Since you can easily download YouTube videos from online, it has more options to download YouTube videos like mp4, webM, flv, 3gp format support and HD videos such as 1080p,720p, 360p, 240p, 144p.

Here you need to copy and paste the YouTube video link address and select the format which you wish to download. The formats which you request for download may vary according to the size of the video file which the user uploaded in the YouTube.

So you can only download the available formats with the help of the


After Clicking the download button, it will ask for the save location, you need to select a valid saving location and if necessary give the name and save the video file.

Another alternative for downloading YouTube videos online is keepvid, from here you can download videos at any format you want. But the video file which was uploaded must be in the supported format.

The resolution of the video format can also be changed according to your needs while downloading.

One of the most advanced options which was available in the Keepvid was you can download any any video video URL from the following website.


You can also check the updates, i.e. if you have any issues while downloading the video from Keepvid, then that issue will be cleared by the keepvid team and those updates will be posted in their keepvid website.

As usual, in clipconverter you need to paste the video URL in the text box and you need to select the format, in which you need the video file fro download.

Here the selected formats will be available in the website, as you see in the below picture.

You can also download the audio from the YouTube by selecting the required audio format. It will separate the audio from the video file and can be downloaded in the mp3, m4a, aac audio formats…



Videograbby is also a another website which offers to download YouTube with using the YouTube link. Simply you need to paste the video link in the website and select the format in which you need to download.

This process is so simple when compared to all other websites, but he disadvantages in videograbby is you can only download the YouTube videos and like keepvid, other video cannot be downloaded using the videograbby.


Catchvideo is also a online website used to download the videos from the following websites

By using catchvideo you can download video from any of the above website videos. You simple need to copy the video URL and paste it in the download link.

ClipGrab – Free Video Downloading Software

Clipgrab is a video downloading software which was supported for the online streaming websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe and DailyMotion.

It supports the following platform and it was absolutely free to download and use.

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux

You can download the video in what ever format you want.

Any Video Converter – Paid Version

Any  video converter is a video downloading software which was used to download videos from 100+ of video streaming websites.

It supports the following platforms and it costs $49.95 (Ultimate Edition).

  • Windows
  • Mac

YTD Video Downloader – Paid Version

YTD is used for downloading websites from more than 50 video streaming websites. They have also released Android and IOS apps to download videos.

It supports the following platforms

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • IOS (iPhone)

Video Downloader professional – Chrome Browser Extension

Video Downloader professional is a chrome browser extension used to download videos from YouTube, Facebook and Viemo, etc..

This plugin integrates with the supported websites and gives you a download button below the video from which you can download the video. It allows us to download in certain supported formats only.

It was absolutely free to install and use and it was supported only for Chrome Browser.

FastestTube – Browser Extension to download Videos

This browser extension supports the following browsers such as

  • Opera
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chromium based browsers etc..

Since it supports all the major browsers, it was most widely used. It integrates into the browser and gives you a download button that allows us to select the format in which we need to download.

FastestTube browser extension can also be used to download YouTube videos and it also does some extra functions such as disabling auto play and disabling ads in the video. It was supported only for YouTube.

Wontube – Free Android Youtube Downloader

Wontube is a free android app used to download the YouTube videos. It can download videos in various formats and resolution.

It was absolutely free to install and use. Wontube app can be installed only in Android mobiles.

TubeMate YouTube Downloader – Android App

Tubemate is the oldest android app which can be used to download any video from YouTube.

Tubemate was simple to use and it was not available for download in the Google Play Store for some reasons. So you can use this app on your own risk.

So these are some of the applications which was available in the internet to download YouTube video Online in PC and Mobile. Even though more applications are available, the above mentioned applications and websites are vastly used by more users and they are frequently updated.

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