How to Find out your Stolen Laptop and Secure your Data

If you are a businessman or an international traveler, then you may be scared of missing your gadgets anywhere else, so here I am going to show you how to protect your privacy and help you to get your lost Laptop.



The gadget which is use daily became your essential part of your day-to-day activities, so you need to keep them safe to protect your privacy and also ensure that it was not gone into wrong hands that may leave you threatened.

To protect your gadgets you need to take some preventive measures that would help you to  protect yourself from the outside world.

Here are some of the ways that would help you to find out your stolen laptop with the help of the Internet

Facebook Location Tracking:

Facebook has given you more security features, that would help you to keep your privacy in the Internet. It is also providing you with tracking facility for your account, so that you can able to track your log in sessions which you do in different places and devices.

In order to enable the tracking feature in your Facebook account you need to go to “settings” and then click “security option”.

There you can see an option called “where you are logged in” using this option you can see the sessions, which you have connected with different devices in different locations.

You are also given with an option called end activity and end all activity to logout of Facebook sessions  from particular device or from all devices

Gmail Account Activity Feature:

Before Facebook, gmail was the first to introduce this account activity feature. It was by default enabled in Gmail account when you have first login into your Gmail. To see your Gmail sessions, you need to go to the bottom of the page in your Gmail and open last account activity option which was available at the left corner of the page.

You can see detailed option that will open a new window separately, it lists all the recent Gmail sessions of your account which provides the IP address and location of your sessions.

Like Facebook you can use “sign out of all other web sessions” option to sign out of all the sessions thus protecting your Gmail account.

Dropbox Account Tracking Feature:

Dropbox has also introduced the account activity feature by tracking your login sessions. This option was enabled as a default option in your Dropbox account and it can be seen in your settings option.

Inside your settings option go to security Tab , there you can see the list of all your recent account activities that will also show you the country name and approximate location of your login in session.

Since these 3 services are most commonly used globally by more people around the Internet, i have given the article about it.  So the common thing in between these 3 services are you can get the IP address from all this account activity details which they provide you.

This IP address can be used to find the location of the gadget which you have lost and it can also be used legally if it was asked from you.

Prey Project:

So most of the time you may not login into your Facebook gmail for Dropbox in your laptop, so at that time if you want to track your laptops location then you need Prey software.

This tool can be downloaded from the which was supported for Windows, Mac, Android and also for Linux operating system.

Below are the steps you can use to download this software and activate the tracking feature in your laptop.

Step 1: Goto and create an account.

Step 2: Download the tool by adding your device in your Laptop.

Step 3: Install the application and login with the account which you have created and select “Connect”.

Now your laptop was connected with the account and whenever it connects online it will be back by sending its location to your online account.

If you want to track your laptops activity frequently for every 2 minutes, then they have given you a option by setting the report frequency to 2 minutes that will send you the location of the laptop for every 2 minutes.

They have also given you options for rising alarm, sending message to the laptop and requesting them to return it politely and you can also lock the device remotely using Prey.



Exo5 is a enterprise level tracker that was used to track and remotely kill your enterprise laptops

This software was provided only for the enterprise market with administration console that provides support for Windows, Android, Mac OS, iPhone, iPad and does not provide support for Linux.

It was having more features like

  • tracking location
  • disc encryption
  • device tracking

So you can use the above software’s to find out your stolen laptop.

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