How to Root Moto G4 Plus – Step by Step Tutorial

Rooting Moto G4 Plus is very simple as you do in the previous generation phones like Moto G, Moto G2, MotoG3. The same steps will be followed here to root Moto G4 Plus. Here we can see how to root Moto G4 Plus, a step by step tutorial with custom recovery.


Moto G4 Plus was the latest mobile which was release a couple of months ago, within a short span of time developers found out how to root Moto G4 Plus as they do regularly for every Moto G series.

Since Moto G4 has lot of memory, you can root your phone and take advantage of the following functions in your phone.

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Advantage of Rooting your Phone:

  • You can install Custom ROM.
  • You can take advantage of your phone space.
  • Can control your phone memory efficiently.
  • Can take full control over Android.
  • You can backup and restore whole system.
  • You can run special applications in your rooted mobile.


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Warning: Rooting will void your phone’s warranty. So think twice before rooting your mobile phone.


Step by Step Tutorial to Root Moto G4 Plus:

You also need the following software’s to unlock the Moto G 4 plus

How to Unlock Moto G4 Plus Bootloader:

To unlock the bootloader of Moto G 4 Plus, first you need to connect your phone to your system and then you need to boot your Moto G 4 into the fastboot mode. To do that you need to do the following steps.

1) The first step turn off your device.

2) Then you need to hold the volume down button on the power button at the same time for 6 seconds and then release the both the buttons at the same time.

3) Now you need to plug my USB cable into your mobile and also into your system.

4) After plugging your USB cable into your system on the mobile phone open Minimal ADB and Fastboot Software.

5) This software will open the command prompt and in the command prompt, now enter the following command to get the oem unlock data.

fastboot oem get_unlock_data

6) After running this command, you will get some long string of characters and you need to select all the characters and copy all the thing and keep it in a separate notepad.

7) Now you need to open the Motorola boot loader unlock site and there it will ask for your mobile information, you just need to enter your email id, mobile information and long string of characters that you have copied from the command prompt.

8) Within short span of time you will receive a email from Motorola with the lock key.

9) In the command prompt, run the following command with the key which you have in your email.

fastboot oem unlock <Your Key>

Its done. Now your Moto G4 Plus bootloader is unlocked.

How to Root Moto G4 Plus:

1) Download the SuperSU zip file and save it in a separate folder.

2) Copy the zip file into your internal storage on external storage and turn off your phone.

3) Now you need to go into recovery mode, for that you need to hold your volume down button and the power button same time for about 6 minutes and release them at the same time.

4) Now download the TWRP recovery image and save it in the Minimal ADB and Fastboot installation folder i.e inside program files folder.

5) Now in the same command prompt type the following command to flash the recovery image.

fastboot flash recovery twrp_recovery.img

6) Now use your volume down button to navigate and volume up button to select the options in your fastboot mode.

7) Go to the recovery option, select install form sdcard option -> select install zip from sdcard (select 0 for internal storage) and navigate to your SuperSU zip file which you have stored in the internal storage on the SD card location.

8) Now swipe to the right to flash it. Wait for few seconds for the installation to complete.

9) Now Select Advanced -> Reboot.

Its Done. Your Moto G4 Plus was rooted successfully.

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