How to Run Linux Software in Windows 7, 8 & 10

Mini Bytes: If you are a Linux user, having windows as the operating system, then you need to know how to run the Linux software in Windows for sure. This is a simple tutorial that gives you ides of how to use Linux over windows.

If you are in a stage to use Linux and windows in a system, then you can install the Linux operating system in the windows operating system for dual boot, that will give you access to use both Linux and windows simultaneously in your PC.

But every time you need to reboot your PC to login into windows and Linux to get your desktop. This will take more time for you to login and work and it is a time consuming process. In order to overcome this i have given some tutorials that will tell you how to use Linux inside windows 10 Operating system

Use Linux inside Windows 10:

Recently Microsoft became more interested in Linux and introduced the Ubuntu bash shell inside Linux. This change was unexpected to everyone but everyone loves it.

Advantages of Ubuntu bash shell inside Windows 10:

  • Easy configuration
  • Utlizes less memory
  • Utilizes less hard disk space
  • Robust

Disadvantages of Ubuntu bash shell inside Windows 10:

  • No GUI Interface
  • Supports only debian packages

Ubuntu Linux Inside Windows 10 is very great and hereafter you don’t need to dual boot your windows pc to work with Linux. You can run any command controlled software’s inside the Windows 10 using the Command Prompt. This is absolutely easy by running the “bash” command inside the cmd.

I have also wrote an article about How to run GUI Ubuntu Linux in Windows 10 because, windows 10 allows you to run only the command line tools inside Linux, if you want to run the GUI tools inside Linux then you need do some tweaks.

Use Linux inside Windows using VirtualBox:

VirtualBox is an virtualization application that will allow you to run different types of operating system inside your windows operating system. You can also run VirtualBox in your Linux too.

Advantage of Using VirtualBox in Windows:

  • You can run Full GUI Linux OS.
  • You can run many OS such as Mac, Linux distributions line Fedora, Debian, OpenBSD etc.
  • You can run within your private network.
  • You can virtualize your network.

Disadvantages of using VirtualBox:

  • Need more memory to allocate to virtual machine.
  • Need more Hard disk Space for virtual machines.
  • Slows down the performance of host.
  • Need high PC configuration

So use the VirtualBox application and install the Linux operating system and enjoy.

Using Cygwin in Windows:

Cygwin is a toll that helps you to run Linux software’s inside windows. You cannot directly run the Linux software’s using Cygwin, you need to recompile the software’s and then only you can run the software’s inside windows.

Advantages of using cygwin:

  • Lightweight
  • Uses little memory
  • Need little HDD Space
  • Good Performance

Disadvantages of cygwin:

  • No GUI mode
  • Do not have large software repository
  • Difficult to configure

You don’t need to worry about the recompilation part because there are more cygwin supported software’s available in the internet. You can use those Linux software to use with the help of cygwin. Cygwin can be installed inside windows and it has a command line utility that gives you Linux like interface.

You can even configure SSH to connect with cygwin and remotely connect to use it.

Use Wubi to install Ubuntu Linux in Windows 7:

If you are using windows 7, then you can use the wubi tool that comes preloaded with ubuntu ISO package to install ubuntu Linux in windows 7. You cannot use this tool in Windows 8 or higher versions because Microsoft has blocked the bootloader access of windows 8 and windows 10 that will not allow you to install any of the Linux distributions.

wubi is a simple tool that can be directly run inside the windows 7. It will create a separate location for installing the ubuntu Linux inside your C drive. It will dual boot both the Linux and windows platform.

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