How to Safely Root Any Android Device using One Click Root Method

“Do you want to safely root any android device using one click root method, then you are in the safest place to know to how to root an android device safely”

Android OS was upgrading frequently, for each year you can see at least two varieties of Android OS will be released by Google. Android OS, which was released by Google will not have root access by default, so if you want the root access in your Android mobile, you need to root your mobile phone independently.

But rooting your mobile phone will void your warranty and will make you not to cover the warranty from your manufacturer. So if you want to root your mobile phone, you need to take some precautionary steps, because it may also root your mobile phone successful or it may brick your phone, which makes you not able to use your mobile phone after it bricks.



Rooting your mobile phone will allow you to assess more hidden features in your mobile. For example, you can minimize the use of RAM memory, you can minimize the internal storage and also you can install more applications which cannot be installed on your unrooted mobile phone.

Rooting involves more complicated steps, because rooting gives you full access to your mobile phone, so you may need to use more scripts and software’s to root your Android mobile phone.

Here I am going to show you how to root your Android mobile phone using AnyRooter with just simple 4 steps. It was also called as one click rooting. here what we are going to do is, you need to download a software which will be supported for the Mac OS and also for the windows platform.

The steps involved in AnyRooter are some simple procedure, such as connecting a mobile phone, rooting your mobile phone and enabling the USB debugging options in your mobile phone. You also need to keep in mind that, not every software can be used for rooting all kind of mobiles, only 90% of the success rate be can be obtained while rooting your mobile phones using AnyRooter.

Step 1: Install AnyRooter in Windows or Mac OS

As the first step, you need to download the AnyRooter Android rooting application for your Windows PC or your Mac compatible PC. After downloading, you just need to follow the instructions which will be available in your one click root application, which will be shown on your screen.

This application will guide you with step by step tutorials, so that you can follow the options which was shown on the screen to go through all the steps.

Step 2: Turn On USB Debugging option

As the next step, you need to turn on the USB debugging option in your Galaxy S7, we are using Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S7 because, it was the most widely used Android mobile phone around the world. To enable USB debugging option in your Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile phone you need to first go to settings -> about phone click on the build number 7 times. After clicking, a message will pop up, saying that “you are now a developer”.

After this you need to go to settings and scroll down to see your developer options at your bottom of the settings and that you can click and enable the USB debugging option.

Step 3: Connect your Mobile Phone to PC

As the next step, you need to connect your Samsung Galaxy S7 to a computer or your Mac in which you have installed your One Click Root application i.e. AnyRooter application and make sure you have enabled the USB debugging in your Samsung Galaxy S7.

After minutes of connection, now AnyRooter application will recognise the android device and it’ll do all the preparations which you will need to root your mobile phone.

Step 4: Root your Mobile Phone with One Click Root

Now, you can see two options which will show you green tick and “Root Now” option will be enabled for you root your mobile. Now, you are ready to get loaded. You just need to click the “Root Now” button, so that it will start the rooting process in your Samsung Galaxy S7.

After clicking the Root Now button, the rooting process starts and during the steps a lot of work will be done by the AnyRooter application to successfully root your Samsung Galaxy S7. It will analyse your internal system completely to update your drivers and finally root your Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile phone.



Please be patient while doing this operation, because if you disconnect your mobile phone or if you plug out the USB cable accidentally or power off your system, then your Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile phone will get bricked that will make your phone dead.

The last step you can see is congratulations message, which says your Android device was rooted successfully.

Even though this process may take some time, it is the safest rooting method to do in your costliest mobile phone, because there are more rooting options which are available over the Internet that will root your mobile phone without any doubt.

But some of the process will be difficult to root your mobile phone, which makes you too confused sometimes. So use the applications like a AnyRooter to root your mobile phone safely.

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