Save Data in Windows 10 to save Monthly Bills- How to

Mini Bytes: Windows 10 is very fond of Internet and it will drink the data like anything in all aspects. Is nothing wrong in using the Internet but users who have limited internet bandwidth are suffering a lot because of this. Many users don’t know how to save data in windows 10, so here we can discuss about it in detail.

Recently Windows 10 Anniversary Update was released by Microsoft with more features that improved the security of Windows 10. You may know or not, while downloading this update, if you have noticed, Windows 10 consumed around ~3 GB of internet bandwidth for downloading the update.


If you have downloaded the ISO package, then it will take around 4 to 5 GB of file depending on the architecture you have. Always 64-bit architecture will have more file size when compared to 32-bit.

Windows 10 Future Releases:

Every time windows releases the update, your PC will take huge amount of internet traffic to download and install the updates in your PC. While downloading you cannot able to use the internet in your PC, because the windows update tool will make it as a priority process for updating your PC.

This would be fine for users who are all having unlimited bandwidth, but there are still users who are all using metered connections with limited bandwidth and limited speed.

Microsoft need to consider them and bring a solution to this problem. In this article we can see how to save data in windows 10 so you could save your monthly bills.

How to save data in Windows 10:

To save data in windows 10 you need to do the following steps, that could help you to monitor and avoid unwanted usage of your data.

Enable data saver in Google Chrome:

If you are a google chrome user, then google has introduced a feature in the google chrome that will help you to save the internet bandwidth. It was available as a google chrome data saver plugin that you can download and install in your browser.

While using this plugin there are certain restriction which was provided by google.

Plugin does not work in the following circumstance

  • Incognito mode
  • Intranet websites
  • Secure website
  • Blocks Geo-location

Disable Live Tile updates:

You can see the live updates in the start screen in windows 10. These live tiles such as twitter, Facebook, outlook email etc…will try to update to the latest post by communication to the internet. If you disable the live updates then you can save data in windows 10.

This feature can be disable in the following location.

Right click on the live tile -> More -> Turn Live Tile Off.

Disable Automatic App Updates:

Every time when an app was released with the newer version, windows store will automatically update the app to its newer version. An app in the windows store will be from 1 MB to ~ GB and it varies depending on the app functionality.

If you disable the automatic app updates in the windows store, then you can save more data in Windows 10. You can disable the automatic app updates in the following location.

Open Windows Store -> click Profile Picture -> Settings -> disable Update Apps Automatically.

Disable Peer-to-peer updates sharing:

Peer-to-peer update sharing is a new feature, which was released as a feature in  windows 10. This feature allows you to share the windows update which was downloaded in a system to the other system which was located in the same network or internet PC.

This feature will upload all the windows updates and deliver it to the other PC, thus reducing the bandwidth of the Internet. This feature is only useful for the organizations, that installs updates to more number of PC’s.

You can disable feature in the following location.

Start -> Settings -> Windows Updates -> Choose How Updates are Delivered -> Disable it (1st Option). 

Turn Off Forced Windows Update:

Forced windows update is the major reason for high bandwidth in windows 10. If you set the Ethernet or WiFi as a metered connection, then it will save you more bandwidth. This feature will stop windows from frequently downloading the updates, thus saving data in windows 10.

Metered connection can be enabled in the following location.

Start -> Settings -> Network & Internet -> Advance Options -> Enable “Set as metered connection”

Stop Windows Update:

I have created a tutorial that say how to stop windows update in windows 10. This tutorial will tell you how to force stop windows updates in windows 10. If you have slow bandwidth then you can use this tutorial, other than that i will not recommend this.

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