Software used by Hackers to become anonymous in the Internet

Mini Bytes: There are more software’s that helps you to stay anonymous in the Internet, here are some of the genuine software’s that helps you to stay anonymous over the Internet.

In the recent years we are concerning more about the security, it’s because a lot of hackers group were targeting more number of systems and organizations. Even though we have more number of security features, we are in lack of security testers and penetration testers.



Day by day we are strengthening our security in every aspects but the technology and the features developed by the security specialists are made up of programming codes. These code will contain a bug at any one line of the code and this was making the software application vulnerable.

This vulnerability when founded by the hackers will be exploited and the after that the data was breached. If the information was leaked, then the organisation becomes more vulnerable that affects the economic growth.

This was happening in the enterprise level and to hack an organization a hacker need to penetrate into network, that will take any number of depends depending on the security of the Network.

So how to safe guard yourself from the Hackers ?

If you need to safe guard yourself form the hackers, then you need to stay anonymous in the internet by not revealing your identity. Hackers first collects your identity to penetrate into your home network. Later they find a way to penetrate into your PC to break in.

After breaking in to your system, they will get the content or steal your credentials from your computer and then they will escape the same route which they enter into your system. And this cannot be traced, because the logs which your system collects will redirect us into an unknown world or person when we try to find the hacker.

Cyber security specialists are still struggling a lot to trace the hackers.

Here are some of the software’s which are used by the hackers to stay anonymous in the internet.

  • Fake GPS Software to hide their location.
  • CyberGhost VPN Service.
  • Telegram – Encrypted messaging service.
  • Locker – App that deletes the files on mobile devices after multiple incorrect unlocking attempts.
  • Secure Browsers like TOR & Opera Browser.
  • Encrypted Email Services like Yopmail & Hushmail.

You can also use the above software’s to stay anonymous in the internet. Before using these software’s you need to know how to use them, because a simple installation of the software’s will not safe guard you from the hackers, you need to update your configurations that will protect you from internet.

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