Windows Server Core initial Configuration

Windows Server Core installation is easy like installing the other Windows Server 2008 products. But in the Windows Server 2008 we can use the GUI tool to configure the basic settings but in the Windows Server core after the installation we need to do the basic configurations, then only we can use the server for the other purposes.


So to do the initial configuration we can use a tool which was by default given in the Windows Server Core installation. That tool / command name is sconfig. Using this command is so simple, we just need to run the command in the command prompt. Using this command the following configurations can be done in the Windows Server Core.

Basic Settings in Windows Server Core :

  • Set the Date and Time etc.
  • Configure System Name.
  • Logoff, Restart and Shutdown the server.
  • Join a domain or set workgroup name.
  • Configuring Remove Management settings.
  • Configuring local administrator accounts.
  • Manually install Windows Updates.
  • Enabling Automatic Windows Update.
  • Configuring Network Settings.
  • ConfiguringĀ DNS servers.
  • Enable/Disable Remote Desktop.

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