Dell XPS 15 Review

Dell XPS 15 is the latest Laptop which was going to get released in the Market and we are waiting for the laptop. Dell XPS 15 was bundled with lots of features such as high resolution, touch screen display, gorilla glass for the touch screen display, sharp and smooth design,USB 3.0 Ports etc. It was also having the Nvidia Geforce 750M Graphics card.

Dell XPS 15 was having a display resolution of 3,200×1,800-pixel with the sharp display which helps in some software like Photoshop, so that you can have better clarity on the picture pixels. Dell XPS also has introduced the new feature for its display. The Display has been finished with Gorilla glass, so if you work with the touch screen you don’t need to worry about the scratches hereafter.


When compared to all other dell laptops Dell XPS 15 seems to have smooth and sharp design, and it has USB 3.0 Ports, SD Card Slot and it was also equipped with Mini Display Port. Another smart feature in this laptop likewise other brands which is introduced in all the products was the availability of both the HDD and the SSD Hard Disk. Dell XPS 15 has an option for that with the 32 GB or 512 GB SSD hard disk.

Dell XPS 15 Specifications :

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