Difference between Apache Web Server and Apache Tomcat Server

Do you want to know the difference between Apache Web Server and Apache Tomcat Server ?

If you are a web server administrator then you must have come across, which server you need to choose for hosting your web content. Before choosing the web server to host your web content, you need to know some of the basic things about the web server.

If you know the basics then you can plan accordingly and withstand the high traffic which you are going to get in the future. or if you plan fails then you may need to do from the beginning and will cost you more. Here are some of the questions you need the answer.

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Which Web Server Should I Choose ?

It depends on the content which you are going to use.

Do I need to go for Open Source or Paid Version ?

Open Source may be a selective option, because we can get support from community and software was absolutely free to use. But Paid version cost more and we need to invest lot more to administrate.

Can i create a datacenter on my own or should i rent one ?

Yes, You can create a datacenter on our own, If you use open source software’s it will minimize your cost.

Which Web Server is best ? Apache Tomcat or Apache Web Server.

Both the Web Servers are best if you manage it efficiently.

Do i need to invest more on web hosting and performance management ?

If you are planning to do a large scale business, then you need to get unlimited hosting services.


There are lot of difference between using Apache Web Server and the Apache Tomcat Server. The technical terms which we are using between these servers are same. The configuration may vary dependaing on the web server which we use.

Here we can see the difference between Apache Web Server and Apache Tomcat Server

Apache Web Server Apache Tomcat Server
It is Open Source It is Open Source
Apache Website Tomcat Website
Apache Web Server is a HTTP Server Apache Tomcat Server is a JSP / Servlet Container.
Apache Web Server uses HTTP Protocol Apache Tomcat Server uses AJP Protocol instead of HTTP. AJP is a optimized version of HTTP Protocol.
Apache Web Server can handle static page when coded using HTML and can handle dynamic pages when coded using PHP, Perl, Ruby, Supports CGI scripts, Server API modules, etc. Apache Tomcat Server can handle both dynamic and static pages at any time.
Apache Web Server can host any programming language. Apache Tomcat Server was used for hosting java based code and Perl scripts
Apache Web Server can be used for load Balancing, Request processing and response processing. It can manage entire life cycle such as pages which are generated through Servlet and pages which are generated through JSP can be managed.
Apache Web Server was purely made in C programming language Apache Tomcat is purely made up of JAVA.
Apache Web Server can bind to 80 and 443 with less privileges. Tomcat can’t bind to ports below 1024 without root privileges.
Available as XAMPP package Available as XAMPP package
Supports SSL Options Supports SSL Options
Apache Web Server is Stable. Apache Tomcat Server is more stable than Apache Web Server.
Apache Web Server is basically a web server Apache Tomcat Server is basically a application server that servers the servlet pages.
More widely used for PHP Web Server More widely used for JSP pages.
Secure Highly Secure than Apache Web Server
Supports  Integrated Windows Authentication  Only limited integration was available using Tomcat based solution.
It can be used with Tomcat It can be used but with limited functionality.
Faster than Tomcat while serving static pages Faster than Apache while serving JSP dynamic pages.

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Apache Web Server vs Apache Tomcat Server. Using both the servers are so simple and it will take 5 mins to install and configure.

Here are also bundle packages available like XAMPP that will give you options with GUI mode to install and run the web servers with the help of simple interfaces.

Both the servers are most widely used in the market and it depends on the requirement of the web server you need.

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Finaly we can say, both Apache Web Server and Apache Tomcat Server are free to use and also having good performance on their respective operations. So if you are going to use a web server that are going to fulfill your needs then your first need to plan.

In your plan to start the web server, you need to give importance to y our content, based on the content you are choosing, you need to select your web server. Because the content which you are displaying may be a portal, content management system (CMS), product selling, blog, single page website or some thing else, the content is key point.

If you are choosing the platform, you always need to consider about the performance and the future use too. Your website will great in the future, so at that time if you consider the performance, it should be the best when compared to all other websites in the market.

So choose wisely before starting…

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