How to add repositories and install software in Kali Linux – Video Tutorial

Kali Linux is one of the most used penetration testing tool around globally. This tool was previously called as BackTrack and this tool contains more penetrating testing software’s which was included in the Kali Linux by default, so while you install the software these tools will get automatically installed, so that you can use the penetrating testing tools in Kali Linux immediately after the installation.

Here in this video I will show you how to install the software can call A Linux this video tutorial will show you some of the commands which you need to use for installing the caller Linux software’s the software in the colony next means the tools which you need for performing the penetrating testing tools like Network scanning, WiFi scanning, Bluetooth scanning etc.

In this video tutorial I have used other Yum installer package, so that you can use the Yum installer to install the Linux packages from the Internet, it will automatically download the package from the Internet and will install it with the simple command “yum install”.

Note: Before using the Yum installer, you need to add the repositories in the Kali Linux. Only if you install the Kali Linux repositories, you can search and install the packages from the Internet. I have also added the video which you can see to know how to install the repositories in Kali Linux, make use of it and do the penetration testing in your network.

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