Using NMAP in the Kali Linux – Video Tutorial

In this video you can learn about how to use NMAP tool in Kali Linux. NMAP is a network analyser tool by which you can analyse your network for the purpose of the security. Using the NMAP tool you can get the whole information about your network and also another network which was in your control.

There are more and more features in the NMAP tool that was used by the IT administrators in the big infrastructure. Some of the features includes

  • Network Scanner
  • Host discovery
  • Port Scanner
  • OS detection
  • Firewall evasion and spoofing
  • Service detection
  • Version detection etc…

If you are working in an IT infrastructure then you must try this tool so that you can get more information about your network that will be helpful to you to expand your network or in some other case. You can use the nmap in any of the Linux operating system since it was open source software it will get the regular updates and you don’t need to pay for it.


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