5 Android apps alternative to Gmail

Gmail was one of the greatest android app fro accessing the Gmail in all the versions of the Android operating system. But there are also many android apps available in the market which we can use it as an alternative for the Gmail Android app. Lets see some of the android apps which was still considered as the best alternative for the Gmail.


CloudMagic is one of the best alternative for the gmail because it supports the major email platforms such as Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, Outlook.com, Yahoo, and any IMAP or POP3 account. CloudMagic was very easy to use android app and it was becoming one of the rival for the for the Gmail Android app. By using this CloudMagic Android app you can easily search the email and also very fastly.



Mailbox is created by the Dropbox and released only for the iOS for the past 1 year, but now it was also available for the Android. There are lots of features which was available for from the Mailbox. Some of the features include archive, snooze the notifications, delete, categorize etc. When installed in the android phone you can see the User Interface similar to that of the iOS. mailbox is also a best alternative to the Gmail.


3.Blue Mail

Blue Mail is another alternative to the Gmail which includes more features similar to that of the Mailbox and the latest Gmail Android app. By default Blue Mail will use the profile picture in each and every mail which you are sending and receiving. it will also support almost al the major mails such as Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, Outlook.com, Yahoo, and any IMAP and Exchange was connected with the help of the the IMAP.



myMail is also considered as one of the alternative to the Gmail because it has the best User Interface like the iOS. One of the biggest disadvantages in the myMail is it will not support the Exchange account. But it will give some options for creating the new mail address for you with the <user>@my.com domain name.


5.K-9 Mail

K-9 Mail is a Open Source android app, you can also get the coding for the K-9 Mail android app so that you can also make modifications for app. K-9 supports IMAP, POP3, and Exchange 2003 and 2007 with WebDAV etc. It was considered as the best open source alternative android app for the Gmail.



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