Mysterious Place was spotted recently in Mars by MRO

Mini Bytes: NASA’s MRO spotted a place which was in a square shape with straight line in the recent photos which was sent while orbiting Mars.

NASA’s MRO (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter ) was orbiting around the Mars for many months. More often MRO will send images by capturing with high resolution camera while orbiting around the red planet.

Recently Sun and Mars were in the opposite direction which was called as a phenomenon “opposition” where the sun will reside in the opposite direction to the earth and mars will also reside opposite direction to the earth.

During this time, MRO will have a clear transmission path to earth, so it can send many number of images to earth. Recently that day came and MRO sent approximately 1000 images for few days. Most of the images are very clear and these images will be used to study in depth about the Red Planet.

You can view all the images here

But specifically, In a image of Mars you can see a mysterious place which was in square shape. We can see a lot of images that shows oval and round shape of mountains and craters. The image which contains the mysterious place can be seen here (Click to enlarge the image and see at right hand side top corner)



Still NASA didn’t reveal any information about this mysterious and may findings are going on to exactly know why the place was square shaped. Many people saying that it may be a glimpse that occurred in the camera while taking the image.

But the image confirms that this was not any sudden disturbance, that occurred to the camera, since all the other images are very clear and if any disturbance may have occurred in the camera then image clarity should get disturbed and any dotted or color lines must be displayed in the image.

We couldn’t see any disturbance like that. So we can confirm that there is a mysterious place hidden in the Mars in square shaped. If NASA mark those coordinates and the time when the image was taken, they can do a in-depth analysis about the place.

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