Open Source .NET Core 1.0 Released For Windows, Linux and MacOS by Microsoft

A couple of years back Microsoft has promises to release the product but now it really happens. Microsoft has released the .net 1.0 for Windows, Mac OS and also for the Linux operating systems. It has not only released .net 1.0 for all the major operating systems, they have also released the 1.0 & Entity Framework Core 1.0 for all the major operating systems.

In the .net core 1.0 latest release, Microsoft included standard libraries that was used for making the reuse of codes which can be used across different devices like PC’s, iOS devices and also for the Android mobile devices.¬†Currently Red Linux only has the facility to use that .net core 1.0, but Microsoft has confirmed that it will surely release the .net core 1.0 for Debian, Ubuntu & CentOS distributions.

Actually .net core 1.0 was contributed by more than 18000 developers and 1300 companies globally. This shows that .net has been loved by all the companies and the open source market need .net to the extreme. Microsoft has also confirmed that in future they will surely support for the .net development support for the open source market so that they can communicate to the open world.

Microsoft has also confirmed that they will concentrate more on the .Net Framework and .net Core and also Xamarin, since they are all important products and they need to evolve in the future. You can have more information from .Net Core 1.0 Blog.

Day by day Microsoft was keenly concentrating on the open source market, its because they understood that, in the future, open source market will make a big change to the Internet world, so they have introduced new features like Linux distribution for Windows 10 and also by Open Sourcing the major frameworks that was patented only for Microsoft Products a couple of years ago.

We can wait and watch more changes which could be made by Microsoft in the future.

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  1. wallacecox says:

    I already know Microsoft would do something like this…thanks to Microsoft..

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