RIFFLE – More Secure & Faster than TOR Network found by MIT

MIT has found a new anonymity network called as riffle, which was also considered to better than Tor network. Researchers at MIT and EPFL have created this riffle anonymity network, which they are telling that this network fixes the bugs which was present in Tor.



Tor’s Onion Protocol was used in Riffle:

Riffle network works similar to the Tor Network, but it was coded to be more harder than Tor, so that Sybil attack can be avoided in it.Tor is vulnerable to sybil attack, with the malicious software’s Tor network can be easily penetrated, so in order to overcome it Riffle was introduced.

The protocol used in riffle network is the same as which tor uses now. Riffle network uses Tor’s onion protocol and only some of the system inside the riffle network was changed, other than that everything was similar to tor’s onion protocol.

Riffle is more Secure then Tor:

It uses unique system to shuffle messages wireless transfer to the service so that the messages transferred will reach all the servers the shop old man and that makes it impossible to detect the network from where it arises.

This network also uses to 2 phase authentication system that was called as “verifiable shuffle” which works with the help of Tor’s onion protocol. In Riffle, encryption was done by generating a mathematical proof that was sent to all the servers and there it will be decrypted thus ensuring the secure communication.

Right now, the only problem in Riffle network was, it will receive more shuffle messages because of its system so MIT researchers confirm that they will make some work around to solve this.

Riffle Network is more Faster than Tor:

Researchers in MIT have also confirm that file transfers will be faster in Riffle network. It will be faster than one tenth of the time which takes by the present anonymity network.

Still now no commercial software has been released by the researcher and messages I have also told that they need to clean up the code and more details about Riffle will be presented at the Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium in July, Germany.

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