How to use WhatsApp without Internet Connection

Mini Bytes : In this post you can learn the trick to use WhatsApp without Internet Connection. If you are a international traveler, this might be more useful for you.

So here is the trick to use WhatsApp without Internet connection.

Do you believe that, you can use WhatsApp without Internet connection ?

Yes, this trick can be done using a SIM card, which will connect your friends and relatives on WhatsApp without any Internet connection. Using this SIM card called as WhatsApp chat sim, which you can purchase from a website called (you can place an order and buy it online from the website



This sim cost about Rs.745 as usage charge, you also need to buy validity period of 1 year for about Rs.745 to share text and emojis. To share images, videos or for making calls, you need to pay extra €10 to get 2000 credits.

With the 2000 credits, you can able to share 200 images, 40 videos and also you can make 80 minutes of WhatsApp free calls and if you want to make more calls and share more images and videos, then you need to buy more credits for your multimedia pack.

If you would like to buy WhatsApp chat sim in India, then you need to pay the shipping charge of Rs.562 to get the SIM in India. If you are a international traveler, then you might for sure need this sim, so that you can avoid the data charges which was charged around the globe.

You can simply buy this sim and insert it in your mobile and use this WhatsApp SIM to communicate to your friends and relatives during your international travel.

This WhatsApp chat sim was not for the normal persons, who are on living in India. It’s because, Indians get WhatsApp texting, sharing images and sharing videos for free over the data packs, which was available for reputed cost besides this if you are an Indian who was not making the international travel then you don’t need to buy this WhatsApp chat sim because it will cost you more than your data pack plan.

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