Youtube going to Release Live Streaming Feature to Everyone

Youtube has planned to release the live streaming feature to all the users. Before that this live streaming feature has been enabled to only few popular accounts but now this feature has been rolling out for all the users. This features gives us the opportunities to live stream our videos all over the world. This feature is simple to activate in your account, it will ask for the verification code so that after entering the verification code you can simply start live streaming your videos.


You tube also gives us the chance to integrate it with the Google+ and the Hangouts so that it will be easy for us to make the Hangouts using this live streaming feature. This feature will be rolled out within couple of weeks all over the world and for using this feature you at first need to have account in the Youtube, if you don’t have the account in the Youtube┬áthen you can simply use your Gmail account to get integrated with Youtube.

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