AVG Free Antivirus 2016 – Review

Mini Bytes: AVG free antivirus is the most commonly used antivirus by most of the home & business users. In this blog we can see a review about the AVG free antivirus 2016 

AVG is one of the major Contender among the free antivirus software’s used globally. If you are reading this post, then you may have used AVG free antivirus. One of the major advantage of using AVG free antivirus is it was available as free antivirus which is was free to use (with limited features).



AVG also provides the following products for home as well as business.

  • AVG Internet Security
  • AVG PC TuneUp
  • AVG Driver Updates
  • AVG Web TuneUp
  • AVG Safe Surf

Even the other antivirus competitors provides more features, AVG provides lot of features such as production for Mac and Android and AVG Zen remove protection, link protection, online shield, data safe, antispam, enhance the Firewall, free supports come out priority updates.

Some of the features listed above are available only in the pro version of AVG Antivirus, but most of the features like the virus production, antivirus Updation, Android protection are free to use. These functions are the basic needs that can be used by a home user, this really gives the advantages of using AVG free antivirus our other antivirus software available globally.

AVG also provides you support for your business and also gives you opportunity to be as a partner with them. Like McAfee and Symantec, AVG also gives you opportunity to use their business antivirus software in your organisation and also provides good support with priority updates.

Lets compare the AVG antivirus under 3 sections.

AVG Free Antivirus Protection:

According to the test which is done by av-test shows that, AVG free Antivirus will protect you well from the virus and malware. It also gets updated periodically, so that your antivirus software will be up to date.  It also protects your computer against malware attacks and also gives you real time protection against opening email threats.

AVG free antivirus gives you the Link protection, when you are visiting any link from your browser, so that you are protected from the phishing attacks.

In the AVG Antivirus pro version, you can protect your browser from downloading the harmful files to your computer and you can also in encrypt your Files with the password protected facility which was provided by the AVG pro version.

You can also get a free support in your professional edition and Anti Spam features, shopping protection by providing you the safer bank transaction with enhance your Firewall and the updates will be given to you priority and these features are only available in the pro versions .

AVG Free Antivirus Performance:

If you take performance into account in AVG free antivirus, it actually slows down your computer when compared to other free antivirus, because AVG free antivirus will scan your computer almost every time you are opening your folders.

Some of the review which is given by some users tells that, launching other applications was slowed down when compared to other antivirus. AVG free antivirus was drinking too much of memory and also slows down as a stand-alone software application.

AVG Free Antivirus Usability:

If you take usability as a score AVG does it good and work well. It is not giving you false alarms, it was detecting the viruses and the malwares in a good manner.  Some antivirus softwares in the market was not detecting the viruses and malwares effectively after the scan and it will also not Quarantine it and says the Access denied error frequently.

But AVG Free Antivirus was doing it so good by providing you enhance Firewall security and also enhances virus detection and capturing  with antivirus signatures which was updated daily.

So this review shows that there are pros and cons while using AVG free antivirus and also while using the AVG antivirus pro.


  • Provides good protection against viruses and malwares.
  • Prevent you from getting attacked by different kinds of viruses, since it regularly updates itself.
  • Also provides you more features in your AVG antivirus pro version.


If you want to say any disadvantage while using AVG free antivirus, then it must be the performance of AVG free antivirus. It was drinking a lot of memory and it was degrading performance of other application.

So if you have more Ram, then you can use AVG Antivirus anywhere, but for using it in your home at least you need to have a minimum of 4 GB RAM.

Update: AVAST was planning to buy AVG Antivirus for more than $1 Billion. This deal was almost in the closing state.

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