Don’t use, they Cheated Rs.5000 from me

Hi guys, I am a online shopper, I will regularly buy products from top most online shopping websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Yepme etc. I have bought more products from Flipkart and Myntra and also some more online shopping sites that I still trust them on customer satisfaction.

Recently I opened new account in and bought some products. It was good, they were good on delivering the products. But not for a long time, recently I was cheated for about Rs.5000 by and still now I couldn’t able to get my money from them. I will go to my story.

A couple of weeks before, I ordered Asus Zenfone Go 4.5 2nd generation from Previously I  bought more products from so I ordered the product as usual, Since my cousin like to buy this product(low cost mobile phone) I order this product for a cash on delivery.

At first it went well and also I paid for the product during the delivery time, after getting the product I gave that mobile to my cousin. He says that mobile was not having a good screen view so he just asked me to return the product to the and would like to buy another mobile from from them like Moto e 2nd generation.

So I ask them for reverse pick up, and they did it successfully and the product was returned to successfully but what they did is they actually rordered another product. Its because, in we are not having any options like refund, they gave only options like reordering for the faulty products and billing enquiry etc.

That day has gone, and again they tried to deliver the product. I tried to cancel the product by cancelling the delivery. but I couldn’t able to do that because my account was blocked (Still now I don’t know the reason for cancelling) by them still I didn’t get the valid reason for my blocked account.

I am getting emails from Amazon like your product has been dispatched, your product was not delivered to the respective address. I have got emails like this from but I didn’t get any email regarding my blocked account still now.

It’s been two weeks, I called them, I requested them to look into this issue, I tried to mail them but I couldn’t able to do anything.

I will explain what I did to contact the customer care.

At first, I contacted them and asked to cancel the product which I have ordered. I also mentioned that I need to buy another product from them, but they told that they couldn’t able to do anything because your account has been blocked.

Then I requested them to do the refund for my product, again they told that they can’t do anything because my account has been blocked. So what I asked them to provide any email id for communication or contact numbers so that I can contact them and rectify this issue.



They provided me an email id and they also told that i will be contacted by their technical support team regarding this issue and will rectify it as soon as possible. After sending an email (they gave this email id -> I was confident and waited for some time till they contact me.

I got a message, that i need to use this link to resolve my issue

Note: While i tried to login to this link, it was asking for my username and password. Since my account was blocked i couldn’t able to login.

Nobody contacted me through phone or email, so again I called them (Customer Support) and the told them everything regarding my issues and again they told that they couldn’t look into my account because my account was still blocked.



Again I requested them to resolve this issue, but still now I didn’t get any proper resolution and nobody contacted me regarding this issue.

So finally I contacted Customer care, they show that they supported me well, I also asked them a email me stating that I will be contacted within 24Hrs regarding this issue. But still now nobody contacted me and I started to the write this post. I am writing this post because nobody gets cheated by this Multi-National shopping website that was cheating customers.

So guys, please be aware of, because if you cancel any of your product and at the time of your email account got blocked (They will simply block and won’t release your account), you can’t able to do anything and nobody will contact you from

So try to be conscious and try not to book anything for this Intruder who entered into our country and doing this cheating business for our Indian customers. I have ordered so many product from Flipkart, I have not experience anything from Flipkart, Myntra and also in YepMe.

I am experiencing more issues from and hereafter I won’t buy anything from I’m writing this post to give you some awareness.

This kind of activities are still being happened in India and nobody cares about that. They use to cheat customers and they don’t care about the customer satisfaction. But they will display in the advertisements in TV, News Papers and in the Internet stating that they are the No.1 organisation that was providing a good customer satisfaction.

I can guarantee, if they took a survey regarding their customers satisfaction for, they will get only 50 person and that too in the metro cities only.

Guys please wake up, and try to be conscious before ordering any products from

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