Reliance 4G | LTE Wi-Pod Review

Mini Bytes: If you wish by Reliance 4G LTE Wi-Pod, then you can buy it without any hesitation. Is this post I am going to tell my review aboutĀ using Reliance for 4G LTE Wi-Pod in my area.

Couple of months before I have got information from Reliance that, they are going to block their CDMA network in India. Instead of CDMA network, they are going to give a new 4G LTE network around India, by having partnership with the company called Jio.

Reliance 4G LTE Wi-Pod Device Advantages Review:

  • Equiped with 2500mAh battery
  • SIM Card slot available
  • WPS function available
  • Can connect upto 31 users
  • Power saving option
  • DDNS options available ( & was supported)
  • IP Filtering options available
  • MAC filtering
  • URL filtering
  • PORT filtering
  • Supports PORT Forward
  • PIN settings
  • DHCP options available
  • Can update to latest firmware, web firmware, hardware.
  • SD Card storage options upto 32GB
  • WiFi Disk – Storage can be accessed over WiFi, Internet (Can be used as cloud storage)

After successfully getting spectrum from Indian Government, they started to launch the 4G LTE service on the Northern side of India. I don’t know whether the launch was successful or not but I came to know that the CDMA was completely blocked for those who are using the data card and also for voice.

Users who are using CDMA network like Reliance Wi-Pod and Reliance Netconnect & Netconnect+ were going to suffer this loss because of the block in the CDMA network. To manage users loss, Reliance has provided 50% discounts for buying new 4G LTE data card for half the price depending on the location they are living.

One day I received the Reliance 4G sim, so after getting the 4G SIM card, I tried to contact the local Reliance vendor and ask them in detail about the four 4G LTE Network, data card details which year they are going to provide.

The store vendor told me, the CDMA network will not work, so Reliance 3G Wi-Pod also will not work (which I have previously also will not work). After this information, i am out of options and they made me to order a new data card.

They also told me, I will get a 50% discount in buying the new data card and I will also get the same plan which I had previously. After that I ordered the new data card and it took me around 15 days to Resume my place.

I ordered my Reliance 4G LTE Wi-Pod data card using this linkĀ

After getting the four 4G data card, I tried to install it and checked for 4G signal in my area. Here I need to tell about my Reliance 4G LTE Wi-Pod installation and also the place which I am living.

The installation was pretty easy, just need few clicks to start the application and I am living in a remote area where I can get only Reliance CDMA signal and Vodafone GSM signal inside my home.

Reliance 4G | LTE Wi-Pod Network Review Snapshot:



Since i am getting only two signals, I am using Reliance data card and Vodafone will be used as a primary network in my area. After 2 days I got a message from Reliance that my data card has been activated and I can use the phone 4G LTE Network Service.

To my surprise my old data card was deactivated by Reliance and while I tried to switch on the 4G LTE data card, it shows 80% of bar in Wi-Pod 4G LTE network signal inside my home. This is completely amazing and the speed of Wi-Pod 4G LTE was blasting. With single click, it was opening all the pages within 2 to 3 seconds.

I was really feeling happy to get the Reliance 4G LTE Wi-Pod data card and I also need to tell one more thing, I am also getting signal in my old data card later i came to know that “1x” network was blocked and cannot be accessed again. You can use the “Pro” or “Hybrid” Network if you get full signal.

But if you are using the Reliance 3G Wi-Pod data card, you can use the data card with the existing plan as usual. First check the 4G LTE Network in your area by inserting any 4G SIM card and then buy it. If you are affordable to buy the Reliance 4G LTE Wi-Pod then you can buy it and use it.

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