Top 10 Android N Features Overview


Android is the world famous mobile operating system which was used in millions of mobile phones in the market. Here we are going to see the top 10 Android N features which was released in the developer preview on Android. Android Version History: Android 1.6. Donut. Android 2.1. Eclair. Android…

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LG G4 Review with Specifications

Here is the LG G4 Review where you can find the details about the LG G4 Mobile phone. This almost a new era of phone since LG G4  has the high end specifications. The LG G4 comes with all of the necessary specifications which should be present in a high end smartphone. But…

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Motorola Moto G Review

Motorola Moto G Review : After Google acquires Motorola company, it started to release good & quality mobile phones which was making Motorola to step in into the mobile phone market. One of the Product which Motorola has recently announced is the Motorola Moto G after the successor of the…

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