How to Use Dual Monitors for Remote Desktop Connections (RDP)

Most will them (especially the IT guys) will know the usage of the RDP Protocol or the Remote Desktop Connection. It was mostly used remote connection in the Network Administration, so in order to use multiple monitors for the remote desktop connection you only need to enable a simple settings which was by default provided by the Microsoft itself.

But the restriction here is this feature is used only in the Windows 7 & above operating system and Windows Server 2008 & above in server operating system. One more thing which you need to have is the version of the RDP Client. You can use the latest version of the RDP Client to the RDP client 7.0 is the least version which this connection will be supported. You can also download the RDP Client 7.0 from

Method 1 :


After opening the Remote Desktop Connection using the Start Menu, go-to the Display menu in the Remote Desktop Connection and enable the “use all my monitor fro remote session” and then connect to the remote client computers.

Method 2 :

If you are going to use the “mstsc” command from the run, then you need to uyse the following command “mstsc /multimon

Method 3 :

You have to add “Use Multimon:i:1” to the RDP file.Default location of .rdp file is located at C:UsersusernameDocumentsdefault.rdp (For windows 7 users) and %My Documents%Default.rdp (For windows XP users)

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