This video shows that how easy it is to hack a computer

Iceland is a country which was fully focused on the security and the latest CYBERWAR serious tells that there are various cyber threats across the world. You can also see there is videos in the YouTube and in other hacking websites, which tells how to hack a computer or how to hack a car, how to hack a Android mobile, all these things comes under the radar in the Cyber War.

George hotz is a famous iPhone hacker, also known as Geohot is a famous American hacker, who is known for unlocking the iPhone. He developed botrooms and jailbreaking tool for the iPhone and IOS operating system. In a recent video chat over the Internet, George hotz shows that, how easy to hack a computer running with his vulnerable custom code which was developed by him.

This video shows that, the python code which contains 65 lines was used to penetrate into a computer within matter of seconds, and get complete access to the computer. The video, which was posted below was only for educational purpose, and to educate you, how a system can be vulnerable to unknown person who is a computer programmer.

So kindly take a look at the video only for the educational purpose and make sure your computer is installed with antivirus softwares, and enable all the security measures which was needed for your computer over the Internet.


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